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No. They can not touch the bottom of the pool. They are swimming or treading water the whole game. I heard the Water Polo team talk about this last week.

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Q: Are water polo players aloud to touch the ground?
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Can you touch the ground in Olympic water polo?


Are players allowed to touch the bottem of the pool in water polo?

Nope. Generally the pool we play in is too deep to be able to touch the ground- the club I play for plays in a pool that is 4 meters deep. You need to tread water throughout the game

How do they know if water polo players touch bottom?

They usually make the pool too deep for the players to touch, and if they are able to touch it; it is deep enough for the refs to notice

Are players allowed to touch the bottom of the pool during a water polo game?


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Are players allowed to touch the bottom of the pool while doing a water polo match?

No, they aren't allowed to.

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