Are warm-ups good

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Q: Are warm-ups good
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What are good high bass instrumental rap songs for pregame basketball warmups?

Ni***s In Paris

How can you help prevent muscle injures?

to do warmups and exercises

What are ballet warmups?

Ballet warmups are articles of clothing that are used to keep the body and muscles warm until the dancer's body has started a sweat and the muscles are working. Some common ballet warmups are legwarmers, shrugs, and shorts. Basically, they help prevent the dancer's from pulling a muscle.

What is the cause of runner's knee.?

The cause of the runners knee is by not stretching or exercising properly. Not doing the warmups. Not allowing your legs to heal from a good run or a jog.

Do the Dodger players do warm ups?

All MLB players participate in warmups.

Where can you get the Holt Rinehart and Winston Proofreading Warmups for 7th and 8th grade?


Why do basketball players touch the half court line during warmups?

not all players do that. but some will to look good or even to warm up or get use to the husle again.

What is do re mi fa so la ti do?

solfege its a scale for warmups and practice

How much time on the clock for pre game warmups for a basketball game?

Generally 15 minutes

What category would a science fair project about swimming and the effect of warmups on the race fall under?

"sports science"

Do warmups count as workouts?

A warmup is a warmup and done prior to a workout. It can be considered movement and exercise but it isn't the workout.

What is the 'welcome to the main event' song played at the beginning of football games during warmups?

"Lets get ready to rumble" (google it)

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