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Yes they are bigger and stronger designed so a person can cut their toenails straight across and not curved. This is good to prevent infection and also your toenails are stronger and different shapes.

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Q: Are toenail clippers different than plain nail clippers?
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Who invented toenail clippers?

The first finger & toe nail clippers where invented in the year of 1896 by the inventor Chapel Carter.

When were toenail clippers invented?

invention of the nail clipper has been attributed to Chapel Carter in the year 1896

What will totally disinfect nail clippers after someone with toenail fungus has used them?

it will give whoever uses them next nail fungus isn't it obvious!!!!

How many varieties of nail clippers are there?

There are so many different varieties of nail clippers that it is impossible to count. You can purchase different nail clippers from stores such as Amazon, Ebay and John Lewis.

How do you cut an ingrown toenail?

take a needle go right into the the part of the toenail by the skin, lift the toenail up with the needle and take the nail clippers and cut it back. or in the front of your toenail right in the middle, cut a v shaped figure. the point of the v should be facing up the toenail. this way the toenail will grow toward each other and will prevent ingrown toenails to happen.

Where are the clippers on Doctor Who?

`the nail clippers?

How can you make your nails narrow?

You'll need nail clippers, and/or toenail clippers, and a nail file. If you want round ends on your nails, use the normal nail clippers and cut roughly the shape your want, then file them in ONE DIRECTION ONLY to perfect the shape. Filing back and forwards with make your nails split, which hurts and looks bad. For square tips, use toenail clippers or nail scissors and then just file straight along the top, again, not back and forward or you'll split your nails, and round off the sharp corners slightly so they don't catch on things like your best jumper or tights.

Who came up with nail clippers?

Barack Obama came up with nail clippers!!can u belive it and he is a very smart president luv him!!!cool i also love nail clippers!!!

What is a dark toe nail?

A dark toenail is just a dirty toenail.

When the corner of a toenail grows into the flesh of the nail bed?

it's an ingrown toenail

Can you take nail clippers on a plane?

no you can't nail clippers are made as wepons on a plane so that's a definate no

Can you use regular hair clippers to groom your dog?

No. Their nails are different then ours you need dog nail clippers they can be found on eBay for 5 dollars