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Not Since Undertaker vs. Mr. McMahon at Survivor Series 2003

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โˆ™ 2010-10-05 20:02:03
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Q: Are there still Buried Alive matches?
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Is there still buried alive matches?

The latest match was at bragging rights 2010 so possibly

Is the undertaker still alive after he was buried alive? was a storyline stupid

Do you wake up after being buried?

I believe you may be refering to the famous "Buried alive matches". Of corse the match is all "kayfabe" which means it's not real. The superstars can't get buried alive they would die of suffication. But if you mean being buried alive for real after a few minutes you'll die.

How does The Undertaker escape from Buried Alive matches in which mankind buries him and then he sticks his hand out?


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When is the next buried alive match?

They stop doing matches like dat since undertaker lost in it

Do people survive in buried alive matches in WWE?

Yes it's illegal to kill on purpose in wrestling

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no. he is buried in Hawaii.

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Santa isn't buried. He is still alive and well, and delivering presents.

Are Buried Alive matches real?

yes and no but to be honset its all fake but entertaining. the best matches are hardcore last man standing first blood and hell in a cell.

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they get buried alive by ding alive and getting buried in the pyramids

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Andy Garcia is still alive.

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He was buried alive accidentally

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How does The Undertaker escape during Buried Alive matches like when mankind buried him and then he sticked his hand out?

i see undertaker vs Kane in buried alive match for the world heavywieght champion undertaker almost win but nxt come to fight him right now he is buried alive but next year he will return to wwe you know what you he are deadman he never give up like that he will return. rest in peace

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He can't be buried as he's still alive.

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