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Nope... they have original sports

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Q: Are there sports that are played in France that aren't played in the UK?
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How long has France played rugby?

The game migrated to France from the Uk in the early 1860s.

What professional sports are played in the UK in June?

Cricket, tennis, golf, sailing etc.

What are some sports played in the UK?

Football (soccer), cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, badminton.

Where is France in the UK?

France is NOT in the UK.- And even if they could be, they would probably consider it 'undignified')

Sky Sports in the UK offers live coverage for which sports?

Sky Sports in the UK offers the best live coverage and news of sports in the UK. These sports include football, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis, F1, and boxing.

Is France part of the UK?

France is it's own country. It is not part of the UK.

What sports are played in UK?

Tennis, football, rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, rounders, squash, badminton and more

5 most popular sports played in the 1970's in the UK?


Is France bigger then UK?

Yes, France is larger than the UK. France is about 643,801 square kilometres, while the UK is about 242,495 square kilometres.

The difference between UK and France?

France is cool, so i UK!

How many times will the UK fit into France?

France is approximately 2.5 times larger than the UK.

Where were some of the most popular sports were invented?

cricket, rugby, boxing, football (soccer) -UK. baseball, American football-US. basketball-Canada. tennis-France.

what countries played a major role in both world wars?

USA, USSR, UK, Germany, Italy, France

How many locations of JD Sports are there in the UK?

Founded in Manchester in early 1981, JD Sports has over 900 stores in the UK alone. They are the UK's leading multiple retailer of sports and causal wear.

How strong are France's military forces?

Very strong. France, along with the UK, have some of Europe's best anti-terrorism forces. France and the UK have several military pacts with each other. The UK is sworn to protect France and France is sworn to protect the UK, should either come under attack. This is one of the reasons the UK defended France during the Second World War. France and the UK also have pacts to share their navy. For example, France can "borrow" the firepower of a UK-owned aircraft carrier. And the UK can borrow the firepower of French aircraft carriers. The two countries usually work together to defend each other. France allows the UK to train specialist mountain troops in the Alps. In return, the UK allows France to train specialist troops in their countries. Without the UK by its side, France still has a considerably large military. France is a nuclear power in possession of nuclear weapons, alongside the UK and US. France has one of the top militaries in Europe, alongside the UK and the Netherlands.

What fruits arent grown in the UK?

Oranges, bananas, coconuts, mangos etc.

How long is a flight from UK to France?

A flight from the UK to France takes about 2 hours.

How long to travel from UK to France in a plane?

It takes two hours from the UK to France.

Is it more expensive to post a letter from France to UK than inland in France?

From the UK

How long would it take to swim from UK to France'?

How long would it take to swim from uk to france

What is the population of the UK compared to France?

70million in uk compared to 65.3 million in France

Is the UK the UK the same as France?


What sports are found in the UK?

There is a wide variety of sports in the UK but the most common are usally rugby and football(soccer).

When was rugby first played in Auckland?

There are no exact dates for this as the games played were formed by immigrants from the UK and Northern France. It appears that the game was played in its infancy 1870 by introducaed by Charles John Monro

Where is UK sports?

They have branches all over the UK.