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Q: Are there soccer tournaments on royal Caribbean cruises?
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In which country are Royal Caribbean Cruises based?

Royal Caribbean Cruises provides cruises to various parts of the world. As an American cruise company, Royal Caribbean Cruises is based in Miami, Florida.

When was Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. created?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. was created in 1997.

What is the population of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.?

The population of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is 2,010.

What is Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.'s population?

The population of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is 58,050.

In what year did Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd - RCL - have its IPO?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL)had its IPO in 1993.

Who owns Royal Caribbean cruises?

Royal Caribbean Cruises LTd. This is their company that owns them. They also own Celebrity and some generic brands.

What is the ticker symbol for Royal Caribbean?

The ticker symbol for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd is RCLand it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is the market cap for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd RCL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) is $13,451,883,701.76.

Which company offers a Caribbean cruise?

Cruise One, Royal Caribbean, Caribbean Cruises, and Expedia are all webpages where an individual can go in order to shop around for the best deal for an all inclusive Caribbean cruise.

What are the best cruises to Alaska?

Royal Caribbean Norwegian Pearl Carnival and Disney cruises.

What cruise lines offer Caribbean cruises?

Caribbean cruises are offered through various cruise lines including the popular Carnival Cruises and Royal Caribbean. A few other cruise lines that offers Caribbean cruises are Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises.

Where can you contact Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruises?

You can contact Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruises on the official Royal Caribbean International website at If you scroll down to the bottom there is a link to a contact page where you can reach them by phone, email, or at a postal address.