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There are not set dimensions for backstops or where the fences are located in the field. There are rules stating that dugouts cannot be more then 25 ft from the foul lines, so considering where dugouts are in relation to the backstop that would provide some sort of standards, but to answer your question, no there is no set rule for backstops specifically

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Q: Are there set dimensions for a baseball backstop?
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What is the backstop position?

The backstop on a baseball field is position behind home plate to block stray pitches or foul balls. This helps to prevent more balls from being lost in the stands and potential injuries to spectators.

What is the plural form of backstop?

The plural of backstop is backstops.

How big is a professional baseball field?

There are no set dimensions for a baseball field. The outfield varies from park to park, however, all of the professional baseball infields must have the same dimensions. This is roughly a 95 foot radius from the middle of the pitcher's mound.

What is the fence or wall behind home plate called?

It is referred to as the "backstop"

Where does a backstop stand in rounders?

The backstop just prevents the ball from going out into the stand from a wild pitch or baseball. It also helps the catcher get to the ball faster if a ball gets past and a runner is stealing a base or coming home

What is the backstop called in softball?

It's not a big fancy word. It's just called a backstop.

How do you glue a basketball backstop?

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Who starts off pitching in the vampires baseball games?

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What is the role of the backstop when the ball is hit deep between third and fourth post?

The backstop is there to catch the ball if a person at 3rd or 4th overthrows it.

What are the dimensions of a baseball bat?

there is no certain dimension the come in all differnet dimensions

How do you make a straw archery backstop?

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Are Major league baseball home plate dimensions different from high school dimensions?