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As a matter of fact there are Sports Management programs in colleges and universities. You can contact your local colleges and ask for such program. Some states offering such program are Ohio, Florida and Massachusetts.

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Q: Are there schools just for sports management?
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What are the best schools for a degree in sports management?

the University of South Carolina

Are there any online schools that offer sports management degrees?

There are many online schools which offer sports management degrees. Some of these schools include, but at not limited to: Post University, Ashford University, Liberty University and Ohio University.

What sports management schools will help me get a job?

Some of the colleges for sports management are ITT Technical Institute, TechSkills, University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and DeVry University. Of course, some of them are online schools. They will be able to help you get a certificate or a bachelor degree.

Sports management salary?

what is the salary for sports management

What college is the best sports management school?

The best college for sports management are ITT Technical Institute, TechSkills, University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and DeVry University. Of course, some of them are online schools.

I am looking for sport management schools, any suggestions?

This would depend greatly on your current location, how far you would consider "nearby", and what areas of sports management would be of interest to you. Spend a little time investigating what areas of sports management would be most of interest, then cross reference these fields with the schools that offer the programs.

Does temecula have any sports teams?

not really, just the high schools

What Sports management companies are in Chicago?

Adrenaline Sports Management

What sports are taught in Australian schools?

Many sports are taught in Australian schools. Cricket, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, AFL, Touch, athletics, softball, T ball, netball, basketball, hockey and tennis are just some of the sports taught in Australian schools.

What is the motto of Sports Management Worldwide?

The motto of Sports Management Worldwide is 'Sports Jobs Start Here'.

When was Sports Management Worldwide created?

Sports Management Worldwide was created in 2002.

When was Fenway Sports Management created?

Fenway Sports Management was created in 2004.

What are the five schools of management?

The schools of management establish a theoretical framework to study management. The five schools of management are the behavioral school, classical school, systems school, contingency school, and quantitative or management science school.

What are the components of Sports Management?

Sports management concerns the business aspects of sports and recreation. Some components of this are economics, finance and sports information.

What kind of job can you get with a masters degree in sports management?

With a Master's in sports management you can work for the Olympics as the director of sports management. You can also be a recruiter for professional organizations.

Why do schools need sports teams?

Many people in the world love sports. If schools can compete in different sports with their own students, that would be pretty cool. Schools do that, and continue to have sports teams.

Are there any sports management schools that I can attend?

The NASSM offers sport management programs in all different countries, including the USA, Canada, and countries in Europe. A variety of Sport Management degree programs are also offered.

schools or job opening ?

property management schools

Are there any specific schools designed for people interested in a healthcare management career?

I couldn't find a school *just* for healthcare management, but there are plenty of reputable schools that have a healthcare management department, like this one:

Is there a masters degree in sports management?

Yes there is Masters degree in sports management. North American society for sports management provides you with the list of different universities that can offer you different courses in sports management. You can search it through internet for details.

When were sports introduced in schools?

Schools have been introduced to sports for hundreds of years. The first sport was soccer that was introduced to British schools.

Where could one attend a School of Management?

There are many Schools of Management around the world. Some of these schools include the 'Kellogg School of Management' which is one of the top business schools known.

Do schools have tryouts for all of the sports?

no schools do not have tryouts for there sports, my school in pawtucket Rhode Island does not have tryouts and other schools probably dont

Does Cameron University offer a Sports Management program?

Cameron University does offer a Sports Management program.

What are sports colleges?

Sports colleges are schools that specialise in sport