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Yes! it's called the senior tour, and it has many tournaments.

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Q: Are there professional senior golf tournaments?
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Is there a list of all senior golf tournaments?

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What are some common golf tournament gifts?

The most common golf tournament gift is a check especially in professional tournaments. Trophies are also awarded along with sometimes cars or golf equipment and clothing.

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George Peper is an author known for writing about golf. Some of his notable works include "The Story of America's Greatest Golf Course" and "Golf Courses of the PGA Tour." He has also contributed to various golf magazines and publications.

How many golf tournaments has Ali Abdullah-Ezzani won?

Ali Abdullah-Ezzani has won 2 amateur Golf tournaments in the Sacramento tournament in 2005.

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Is there money in the gloves that Phil mickleson gives to fans?

Phil Mickleson is a professional golf player and he has won many tournaments. He has given money in signed gloves to people that he have been hit will a golf ball while being in the crowd.

Is it a necessity for golf insurance?

Your best bet is to ask yourself if you find it necessary. If you are to attend golf tournaments, some actually require you to have this kind of insurance, especially charity tournaments.

How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods entered?

Tiger Woods has won 70 PGA tournaments to date.

How do you get on a golf tour?

Practice. Golf is like any other professional sport. Professionals have great talent and are able to practice a lot. When someone gets good enough they naturally play in tournaments and are invited to larger ones until they pick up sponsors and earn their way onto professional tours.

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