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Yes! it's called the senior tour, and it has many tournaments.

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Q: Are there professional senior golf tournaments?
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How old do you have to be to play professional golf tournaments?


Is there a list of all senior golf tournaments?

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Which professional golfer has won the most professional golf tournaments?

Roberto De Vicenzo

How many golf tournaments did Sam Snead win?

He won 165 professional tournaments, 82 of which were PGA Tour victories.

What has the author George Peper written?

George Peper has written: 'Golf courses of the PGA tour' -- subject(s): Golf courses, Professional Golfers' Association of America 'Seven League Boots' 'Golfwatching' -- subject(s): Tournaments, Golf 'Story Of Golf' 'Grand slam golf' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Golf courses, Statistics, Golf, Tournaments

Who won the most golf tournaments?

Jack Nicklaus, he has 18. Gary Player has won 165 professional golf tournaments. Gary Player 165 wins Sam Snead 165 wins Jack Nicklaus 115 wins

How many golf tour has Tiger Woods won world wide?

Tiger Woods has won 92 professional tournaments.

What are some common golf tournament gifts?

The most common golf tournament gift is a check especially in professional tournaments. Trophies are also awarded along with sometimes cars or golf equipment and clothing.

Who has won the most major golf tournaments?

Jack Nicklaus, he has won 18 major golf tournaments.

How many golfers player in the masters?

Participation in the Masters golf tournament is at invitation only and the field of players numbers about 90. This makes it smaller than most professional golf tournaments.

How many golf tournaments in Qatar?


Why aren't Colored Golf Balls used in Professional Golf Tournaments?

The R&A, which is the ruling authority for most golfing tournaments worldwide, maintains a list of balls that conform to tournament regulations. Many different coloured balls are included in this list - there is no rule that states a ball has to be white.

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