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Yes there are products which claim to reduce breast size. These products are herbal formulations, but are more of a modern inventon than a traditional herbal remedy. No products of this kind have been subjected to clinical studies and this inevitably makes it difficult to assess their effectiveness for the stated purpose. Even recommendations from herbalists are sparse, as although the products are herbal in nature few herbalists seem to recommend them or accept them as being effective.

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Q: Are there products to reduce breast size without cosmetic surgery?
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What types of cosmetic surgery can be performed on the breast?

There are numerous types of cosmetic breast surgery. These include: breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and breast implant revision.

What do Bupa cosmetic surgery specialise in?

Bupa cosmetic surgery specializes in breast enlargement, breast uplift, liposuction, weight loss surgery, nose surgery, breast reduction, tummy tuck, laser eye surgery, face lift, neck lift, etc.

Will medicare cover leaking breast implants?

breast implants are part of cosmetic surgery... medicare does not cover cosmetic surgeries

What are some advantages of breast cosmetic surgery?

The most common breast cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation. Although the physical advantages are obvious, an even more important advantage is the psychological uplift it can give a person.

Are breast implants an example of cheap cosmetic surgery?

"Technically yes, breast implants are the cheapest cosmetic surgery option you can get. Most of them are only a few thousand dollars depending on the office."

What is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery?

The most commonly performed surgery is Nose surgery which is called as "Rhinoplasty" or "Breast surgery"

Is there any side effects after cosmetic surgery of breast?

Swollen and sore.

Where can one find information about cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargement?

Many different types of cosmetic survey are popular and widely available. If one chooses to learn more about these procedures, including breast enlargement, the "Surgery" or "Plastic Surgery" sites are a great place to begin.

What is the cost for breast augmentation cosmetic surgery?

The cost for breast augmentation cosmetic surgery will vary depending on a number of factors. The type of procedure and the quality of the surgeon will both have an effect on the cost. In 2011, the national average in the USA was $3,694.

What services do cosmetic clinics offer?

A cosmetic clinic is a medical clinic that offers services for things such as plastic surgery as well as things like breast reduction or breast implants.

What are the risks of cosmetic breast surgery?

The risks of cosmetic breast surgery are that the breast may become infected, the nipple may become numb and one may experience bleeding that is in excess. It is always advisable to choose an experience surgeon, so that one may know that the surgeon can do a good job.

What is cometic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a term used to describe operations performed purely for improving the looks. These operations vary enormously from breast surgery to facial surgery and body surgery. These procedures are sometimes referred to as aesthetic procedures. They are usually performed by Plastic Surgeons who have training and experience in cosmetic operations. Cosmetic and Plastic surgery are closely linked , as some Plastic surgery procedures may require additional cosmetic improvements afterwards.

How do you increase woman breast?

It can be possible through cosmetic or plastic surgery (both are same).

What are influences of cosmetic surgery?

The media are blamed for influencing cosmetic surgery as they scramble to find out who has had cosmetic surgery and report it. This tends to lead to " copy cat" surgery where people seek out similar enhancements. Breast augmentation surgery would be a good example of this. There is also pressure in the workplace to keep looking good to either stay in the top jobs or boost your career. Many people are opting for cosmetic surgery as it is perceived as an investment in their future. Cosmetic surgery is also advertised freely across all media in most countries. It is very accessible nd without having to have a referral from your family Doctor. As the numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures rises each year , so do the numbers of Patients that are referred by others who have had surgery. It is now socially acceptable to discuss and show off what you have had done. This open attitude to cosmetic surgery has fuelled demand even further.

What type of surgery is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is considered a form of plastic surgery. Depending on the medical reason for the breast augmentation surgery it could be classified as cosmetic. If there is a cancer involved then it would be covered under any generalized medical insurance company.

What are facts about cosmetic surgery in Thailand?

Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most profitable beauty industries in Thailand. Thailand boasts a large number of international cosmetic centers which are visited by a large number of international patients. A cosmetic surgery procedure in Thailand can cost as much as half of the equal procedure in Europe, Australia or the UK. For instance, a breast augmentation in Thailand starts at 3,000 USD at Yanhee Hospital, which is one of the leading cosmetic surgery hospitals in Bangkok. Alternatively women not wanting artificial breast implants can have CAL stem cell breast enhancement at Thai Medical Vacation. However, Women with low BMI may not qualify.

Who are some surgeons in Houston that do breast cancer reconstructive surgery?

Pierre Cevray is one of the most prominent Houston surgeons when it comes to reconstructive breast surgery. He specializes in cosmetic breast enhancement and breast reconstruction. He worked at the local cancer center.

Where can one get breast enhancement without needing a surgery?

You can get breast enhancement at a variety of locations without needing surgery such as psychotherapy. In Germany, they have developed methods to grow breasts without surgery.

What are the types of breast implants available for those considering cosmetic surgery?

The different types of breast implants available for those considering cosmetic surgery include natural tissue and synthetic implants. Natural tissue is used mainly in breast reconstruction. Synthetic implants are implants filled with either silicone gel or saline solution.

What are some common cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed on men?

Some common plastic surgery procedures for men are Gynecomastia, which is a breast reduction for men with enlarged breasts, hair transplants for men that are balding, or cosmetic surgery to tone and tighten skin on their face.

Does insurance ever cover cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery isn't covered under most medical insurance policies. Usually, in order for an insurance company to cover cosmetic surgery, it needs to be considered "medically necessary". For example, if you need reconstructive surgery, your insurance company will cover it only if it was due to an accident or certain illness (like breast cancer).

Can you get plastic surgery at 16?

There are two major categories of plastic surgery. 1) reconstructive surgery and 2) cosmetic surgery . There is no age where reconstructive surgery is contraindicated. For major cosmetic surgery such as tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation; most plastic surgeons require that a patient is 18 years of age and able to sign their own informed consent form. There are exceptions to this rule. Some procedures are both cosmetic and reconstructive in nature, such as a young girl who fails to develop one breast or a benign mole in an unsightly location such as the tip of the nose. Many plastic surgeons would do these "cosmetic" procedures in patients younger than 18. I am a plastic surgeon in Utah (Dr. York Yates) and would not offer a purely cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation for larger breasts alone to a patient under 18 years of age.

What types of breast reconstruction implant are there?

Breast reconstruction surgery has available the same two types of implants used for cosmetic breast augmentation, namely, silicone or saline implants.

What cosmetic surgery procedures are most popular in Asian markets?

Research has shown that cosmetic surgery procedures have become very popular in Asian markets. Some of the most popular procedures are eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, breast implants and lifts and buttock augmentations.

How many people have cosmetic surgery?

As of 2013, approximately 14.6 million citizens of the United States had cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries include breast augmentation, lifts, and tucks.