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I've done this many times...and all you have to do is dig under the deck till you get to the wall. it's not the easiest way but the only way without cutting up the crete. dig under and crawl into and clean it out around the pipe(don't forget to plug the return inlets and close your filter multi port)it's norm. the 90 degree fitting that's coming out of the return .you have to cut the pipe back about a foot and because you can't just go right back in you have to use 3 elbows and make a bend in the pipe..use tape on the return and a good pipe dope(perm a seal )use lots of glue and make sure you got it good and's not the most fun job but it should work for you...good luck..

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:14:23
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Q: Are there pool supply line repair methods that would not require ripping out a section of the 4' wide coolcrete that surrounds the pool?
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