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No one was cut. If you are not a 4 year starter on your varsity team and you don't play AAU and you are not AT LEAST 6-5 by your sophmore year and you are not a crazy good athlete who can dunk left and and right, forget it. You have no chance at ever playing in the NBA. If you don't make varsity your freshman year, forget your chances at playing in the NBA or playing at a good college team because you just got no shot at it.

I am currently a Junior at Belview High in New Jersey and I play AAU. I am 6 ft and 7 inches and this is my 3rd year as a starter on the team. I also have a record jumping height of 8 inches and that means I can dunk. I am currently looking at Brown University, UCLA, Oklahoma University, Monmouth, and Indiana.

Yeah. Im Insanely Good!!!!

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Q: Are there other pro athletes like Michael Jordan who were cut from high school team?
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