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No, but a shorter pool stick would be recommended to learn one handed play. A pool cue can legally be as short as 40 inches. Many trick shots require one handed pool cue play, and the typical 56-59 inch cue is usually used. A perfect stroke needs to be practiced with 2 hands prior to learning to stroke without a bridge.

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Q: Are there one handed pool sticks?
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Can hockey be played with left handed sticks?

No. Left-handed sticks are by definition against the rules.

Can you turn a left handed one piece hockey stick into a right handed stick?

All hockey sticks are right handed.

Can you recycle pool sticks?

yes since pool sticks are wood you can recycle it.

Are there any one-handed pool tournaments?

Yes. Shooting pool one-handed is not recognized as a separate game or type of play for conventional tournaments. However, there are local pool halls that hold smal local tournaments for players that want to use their one handed skills. Becauase this is not a recognized form of play, these will be difficult to find and will require contacting the pool halls in your area.

Are there left handed hockey sticks?

yes is this a serious question?

Is there any rule not allowing left handed hockey sticks?


Who invented pool sticks?

Michale PoolStick

Is there a difference between right- and left- handed field hockey sticks?

Yes. Right-handed sticks are by far the most common, and are the only ones permitted by rule. They have the flat side on the left side when the hook is facing away from the body, meaning they are used in a right-handed fashion. Left-handed sticks are virtually nonexistent (because they are illegal for use and so are not not worth the time to make or use), but can be found in some specialised places. They are the mirror image of right-handed sticks.

Why are left handed field hockey sticks against the rules?

Left-handed sticks are illegal because they create too much danger when combined with right-handed sticks. Since right-handed sticks are the dominant tradition, they are used instead of left-handed ones. A player with a left-hand stick tackling a player with a right-hand stick has a high chance of running into the player themselves, and vice versa; in the same situation, a player trying to tackle someone who has an opposite-handed stick is very likely to get hit by the followthrough swing if they decide to hit.

Which is the only game allow only right handed players?

Field hockey has only right handed players. all sticks are made in one direction with the flat side and the curved.

What game is played with cue sticks?

pocket pool

Are minnesota fats pool sticks rare?

Simple answer, no.

Do glow sticks float in a pool?

yes it dosent

Can you play hockey left handed?

Yes, they make both types of sticks

Are pool cues and pool sticks the same?

Yes however the term 'cue' is the general name for them.

Why are left-handed sticks not made?

They are; some companies do make left-handed sticks, based on a reverse of the mould used for normal sticks. The fact that they are not permitted in a game (due to safety issues) makes this production rate very low, so they are rarely seen in shops and never in games.

Is Buddy Rich a left-handed or right-handed drummer?

I can tell you he plays a right-handed style...of in setup and how he holds the sticks. He may of been in fact left-handed..hence the greatness of his left hand sticking .

What is the difference between left and right handed ice hockey sticks?

it is curved different ways

What are fun pool accessories for children?

Some fun pool accessories for children include diving sticks and a pool hoop. They are both a lot of fun.

Would it be possible for 2 left handed parents to have right handed kid?

Two right-handed parents can have a right-handed child and one will be left-handed but will one right-handed parent and one left-handed parent have a left handed child or right handed children?

Who is left handed in One Direction?

Niall is the only one in One Direction that is left handed and the others are right handed.

Are left handed hockey sticks safe?

No. The risk of players running into each other, although already somewhat likely, is far too high to be considered safe; this is why they are not permitted. The previous answer is actually incorrect. Left handed sticks ARE permitted in field hockey although players must be treated differently to those who are right handed. I know this from experience.

What is needed to open a billards?

you need eight-teen pool balls a pool table a q ball or a little white bal is wat it is and as many pool q's or sticks and your good

How often dose a pool that's 15 x 42 need chlorine tablets?

You should always keep a chlorine tablet in the pool. They also have smart sticks, and one stick will last you all week of close to it.

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