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No in the Olympics, synchronised swimming is an all female sport

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Q: Are there male synchorised swimmers in the Olympics?
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How many medals can be wine by female swimmers at the Olympics?

Refer to "How many medals can be won by female swimmers at the olympics?"

What is the water cubes?

the water cube is where the swimmers swim in Olympics 2008

How many swimmers took part in the Olympics 2008 games?

1,200 swimmers

How many people swam at the Olympics?

2008 Olympics: 1200 swimmers

How many swimmers compete for team GB in the Olympics?

There are 44 swimmers in team GB.

What equipment do Olympics swimmers use or are required?

Well professional girl swimmers are required to wear a one pice bathing suit, goggles and a rubber cap. Male swimmers are required to wear a speedo, goggles, and a rubber cap. Hope you find this useful!☺

At the 1994 Olympics which countries female swimmers tested for growth hormone How many swimmers were involved?

In 1994 there were only winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

When were women allowed to participate in the Olympics as swimmers?


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