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Each umpire acts as the linesman - both the sideline and the backline for each - for their side of the field, as well as calling fouls or penalties in the field of play

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Q: Are there linesmen in field hockey?
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What is an official for hockey?

A referee or linesmen

How many officials is there in a hockey game?

There are two referees in an ice hockey game and two linesmen.

How many referees and linemen in hockey?

2 refs 2 linesmen

How many officials are on the ice for a hockey game?

Four. Two referees.Two linesmen.

In hockey What does the orange stripe on some referees mean?

They are the referees vs the linesmen.

What does the linesmen do in a hockey game?

I think they take care of offsides, icing, and the face-off.

How many officials are there on the ice for a National Hockey League Game?

there are four two linesmen and two referees

How many officials on the ice during a ice hockey game?

Four. Two refs and two linesmen.

How many officials during hockey?

there are 4 officials in an NHL game. 2 referees and 2 linesmen

What is the field called for a hockey game?

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

How many off-ice officials are there in a hockey game?

If its a Minor hockey In canada Its 3 Officials 1 refferee and 2 linesmen 6 years official

How many official are on the ice during National hockey league game?

4 2 refs and 2 linesmen

Is hockey a field sport?

Field hockey is a field sport, but both indoor and ice hockey are rink sports.

Should I play field hockey or soccer?

field hockey

What is field hockey on ice?

Well, by field hockey I think you mean hockey games that are done on the ground like field hockey, street hockey,ect. It is called ice hockey. *Field hockey and ice hockey are completely different rulebases. As the first answer pretty much describes, it is simply called "field hockey on ice", like it is called "field hockey on grass", "on turf", "on concrete", etc.

What is a crossunder in hockey?

field hockey

What is turf hockey?

Turf hockey is field hockey.

When is a player in offsides position in field hockey?

There is no offside in field hockey.

Was field hockey invented in India?

No, field hockey was invented in Britain.

What does 'not dead' mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey.

What is a slide in field hockey?

To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a slide in field hockey.

When was field hockey first discovered?

When was field hockey first discovered

What are the kinds of hockey?

roller hockey ice hockey and field hockey

What kind of hockey rules was there when it was field hockey in Ireland?

It is a mixture of field hockey's rules and lacrosses rules.