Are there games like pawn tactics?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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There are many variations of the game of Chess. You can play a type of team chess called bughouse, a one-on-one version of bughouse called crazy-house, there is blitz, which is speed chess. There is backwards chess, where you set up your pieces on the opposite side of the board, so that pawns are only one move away from promoting, there is sideways chess, which is the same thing, just the pieces are lined up vertically on the sides of the board, and there is suicide chess, where you must make a capture if there is one available, and the point of the game is to lose all your pieces, including your king.

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I have never heard of Pawn Tactics. Tri-Tactics, as the name suggests, is a war game and deals with combined operations of Air, Sea and Ground forces- hence the name. It is of English origins. Tactics II is a board game, again of the military variety but was made by Avalon Hill, or Baltimore. some other war games by Avalon Hill include Gettysburg, Waterloo, Battle of the Bulge, etc. they aim at historical accuracy and played out on maps, situation plots, etc. hope this is of some help.

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Q: Are there games like pawn tactics?
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