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Q: Are there different sizes of ping pong tables?
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Where can one buy a ping pong table?

Walmart, Sears, and the Sports Authority all carry ping pong tables. Also, they are available on many different websites for varying prices and in several different sizes.

How much does a ping-pong tablecost?

Ping pong tables range from about $100 to about $2000

What are some of the best deals on ping pong tables- Any ideas?

Ping pong tables or Table Tennis, are very expensive. $1,000.00 is the least amount you will get for a Ping Pong table.

Where can a ping pong machine be purchased?

There are many retail outlets which sell ping pong tables. Canadian Tire, Sears and Walmart each sell ping pong tables. There are many one can choose from with prices varying on retailer.

What material are ping pong tables made of?

Ping pong tables are generally made of masonite or a similar type of hard wood, and then covered with a coating that gives a nonfriction surface.

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

There is no difference between table tennis and ping pong. Table tennis and ping pong are just different names for the same sport.Table tennis is the official name for the sport, but when it was first invented it's popular name was ping pong. This is due to the sound the objects they used for bats would make.AnswerTable Tennis is the name of the sport played. That is why there isn't ping pong in the olympics. Ping Pong is a brand name that has since become interchangable with the word table tennis in the United States. There are ping pong tables which are used to play table tennis (the brand ping pong) and table tennis tables which are essentially the same thing.

Where can you find a ping pong table?

you can find them online or at sporting goods type stores. Just search for ping pong tables for sale.

What stores have ping pong tables for sale?

Some stores that have ping pong tables for sale are Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, and WalMart. Places you can order online are Target and Sears.

Where could one purchase a Kettler ping pong table?

There are many places online in which one can purchase a Kettler ping pong table. Many online retailers such as Amazon will sell Kettler ping pong tables.

What wood is used to make pro ping pong tables?

chrismas trees

How big are ping pong tables?

the ping pong table are usually 274 cm. x 152.5 cm. (9 ft x 5 ft).

Where can a person find STIGA ping pong tables?

STIGA ping pong tables are available to purchase from at multiple retailers and online stores. These include Amazon, Sears and Target along with STIGA's own website.

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