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No it is not the opponent's thought

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Q: Are there criminal charges filed if a boxer kills his opponent in the ring?
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If you have criminal charges pending in Indiana is there a limitation to how long they can pursue?

If your criminal charges are pending that means that they have already filed the paperwork. Therefore, you are not protected under a statue of limitations and a warrant will be filed for your arrest.

What does it mean when the disposition of a criminal case is open?

Question. Can there be an open disposition when there were no criminal charges filed? There was an arrest and a night in jail, then a release with no criminal charges being brought.

What usually happens to criminal charges for a bad check after bankruptcy?

Normally if the bad checks are included in bankruptcy the charges will be dropped. I really hope this helps you. I filed before charges were filed against me but I have a friend that had 4 outstanding payday loans and they had filed charges for bad checks. The charges were dropped immediately.

What are the statute of limitations for filing criminal charges on a bad check?

there is no limitation in the state of Ga. if charges have been filed.

What is the party against whom a civil or criminal case is filed called?

Criminal: Before charges filed: the Arrestee - after charges are filed: the Defendant.Civil: The party against whom the case is being filed can be identified by severaltitles: The Defendant - the Respondant - etc.

Where do you go to press charges?

To press criminal charges against someone, go to the police station that is closest to where the criminal act occurred. This question is filed under "civil" cases. Charges are not "pressed" in civil matters.

If you fail to repay an online payday loan can criminal charges be filed against you?

yes indeed...

Can your parents press charges on my 17 year old boyfriend for getting you pergnate if im 15 in Georgia?

Yes, they can request criminal charges be filed.

Can I file criminal charges against my contractor for taking my money and not paying his subcontractor who then filed a lien on my house?


What are some of the penalties for lying under oath?

(in the US) In civil court - charges of Civil Contempt of Court accompanied by monetary fines. In criminal court - charges of Criminal Contempt of Court - Obstruction of Justice accompanied by criminal charges being filed and being placed in jail.

When was Desmond Hague charged with animal cruelty charges?

Although Desmond Hague has resigned from his position as CEO of Centerplate, no criminal charges have been filed as of September 2, 2014. The BCSPCA has recommended that abuse charges be filed against Desmond Hague, however the investigation continues.

What does notice of lack of prosecution mean?

It means no criminal charges will be filed in a criminal case and in a civil case it means the case will be dismissed because of no activity for too long.

If no criminal charges are filed can you still have obstruction of justice charges?

New here please view Discussion tab for explanation If no criminal charges were filed against WHO? You? Or the person on who's behalf you were doing the obstructing? If you were obstructing an investigation being conducted against someone else - and THAT person eventually had no charges files against them - that does not mean that you didn't obstruct the investigation. Please see Discussion Page for response:

Can a parent press charges for contributing to to the delinquency of a minor in Ohio?

A parent can press charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor in Ohio. Criminal charges can be filed for the crime, and civil charges can be done for any injuries that may have occurred to the minor child.

What happens when a judgment is filed against someone?

A judgment technically is not "filed" unless you mean the judge ordered a criminal complaint to be filed without a finding, usually done to allow a defendant to avoid a criminal conviction if there are no further violations or criminal charges for some specified period, like six months or a year. Otherwise, a court enters or issues the judgment for or against the defendant.

Can someone go to jail if its a battery misdemeanor with no charges filed?

Well it depends on what those charges are. If they are like littering probably not but if you have a whole lot of speeding tickets and maybe even criminal charges then most likely yes.

Can cps worker lie and make false accusations?

They can, but it isn't legal for them to do so because they can face having criminal charges filed against them.

What is the punishment for harassment communication in Kentucky?

Your elaborations on the question have been moved to the discussion section. You have not filed charges. You have filed a civil complaint for a protective order, and may have made a report to the police. Private individuals are not permitted to file criminal charges. Only the state, through the prosecuting attorney, can do this. If you have made a report to the police, you would need to follow up with the police to find out if the case has been referred to the local prosecutor. You would also want to follow up with the criminal prosecutor to determine if/when they will file criminal charges. If the prosecutor does opt to file criminal charges, and if the defendant is convicted, the punishment would be determined by the judge.

Is there a statute of limitations after charges are filed in Idaho?

The charges have been filed. The defendant is aware of the charges and the statute of limitations no longer applies.

My parents dropped charges on my 23 year old boyfriend can the distric attorney's still press charges in California?

Assuming these are criminal charges, your parents can't 'drop' them because your parents didn't file them (although they may have filed a police report). The state files criminal charges, because it's a crime against the state, so only the state can drop them. And if the state feels they have sufficient evidence for conviction (if they didn't feel that way, they wouldn't have filed charges in the first place), then they will proceed. They don't need anyone's permission or cooperation to do that.

What is the statute of limitations for disorderly conduct in Georgia's State Criminal Court and is the time measured from date of offense or date of filing?

If they filed charges, there is no statute of limitations.

What charges can be filed for unlawful entry of a vehicle that results in a damage to vehicles?

Criminal mischief, possibly 3rd degree conspiracy, vandalism, trespassing, breaking and entering.

In pa is there a statute of limitations on a bench warrant?

The statute of limitations only applies when the prosecutor or a victim decides to press criminal or civil charges. Once the charges have been filed, there is no statute of limitations in Pa for a bench warrant.

Can criminal charges now be filed in 2008 for bad checks written in 1996 1997 in KY?

Any criminal charge that has not yet been dealth with in court can appear at anytime within 12 years of the original offence...

Can someone press charges on me if I have proved I don't have their belongings?

Public individuals cannot make or press charges. They can report criminal activity to the police. The police and prosecuting attorney will make the decision about whether or not to press charges. The location of belongings for use as a defense would depend on what, if any, charges are filed.