Are there any under water sports?

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yes there are, including Scuba diving

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Q: Are there any under water sports?
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Is propel a sports drink?

Nope. Just flavored water. Sports drinks fall under Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc. I can see why you would wonder, but no, it's not a sports drink.

Testosterone to increase preformance in sports?

It is illegal to use testosterone in any sports , as it falls under doping.

What is aqua sports?

water sports. sports that involve water Sports in water like swimming,water volley ball.

Did William McKinley have any hobbies or do any sports?

He liked to read under a tree it was his idea of sport

What are all the sports you can do in California?

California's terrain allows for any kind of sports. It's location near the water allows for the water sports, the northern part of the state receives enough snow to support winter sports, and the temperatures are nice enough to safely do outdoor sports like cross country as well as indoor sports available in any other states.

What clothing stores sell under armour sweatshirts?

Just about any outdoors and sports store will sell Under Armour. REI, and a sports superstore will, almost with out fail, have a large selection of them.

Are there any special skills or talents needed to be a sports agent?

Water skiing

Is there any gas under water?

you can get gas under water, usually encased in the soil of the water, carbon dioxide and methane

Are there any under water virtual games?


Aquatic has to do with what?

The word aquatic is always associated with water in some way. Aquatic sports, for example, are any sports that are played in water. Water polo, Marco Polo, water volleyball, and water basketball are all examples. It can be used in a sentence like this: The high school had great aquatic sports teams.

What is aqua sport meaning?

water sports. sports that involve water Sports in water like swimming,water volley ball.

What are the types of sports?

Most sports can be classified under one or more of the following categories: athletic, air, ball, combat, equestrian, racket, target, water, wheel, and winter sports. Thesecategories can be divided into induvidual team sports, and contact or non-contact sports.

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