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Hmmm, I have never thought of that one, I'd say it brings good luck to your team.

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Q: Are there any superstitions about doing The Wave during a hockey game?
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What is an example of a constructive wave?

mexicans doing the wave

Why the ball hit with a hockey by a player does not make a wave?

This is English abuse! What is the question?

Kind of wave released during an wave?


What is the definition of radio wave frequency?

The number of cycles a wave is doing per second.

Doing the wave is a common activity in large football stadiums What type of wave is this?


What kind of wave was released during an earthquake?

Semitic wave

What causes a rogue wave and what is the damage and wavelength of a rogue wave?

i think it is the wind that has been doing it

What happens during the t wave in the heart?

During the T-wave the ventricles are repolarizing, preparing for the next beat.

During a single period the distance traveled by a wave is?

During a single period a wave travels just one wavelength.

How do you get Miley Cyrus hairstyle?

Wave it by doing the beach wave style :) get it styled at the salon and then while they r doing it see how it's being done so u could do it for yourself!!

Is it true During interference the new wave exists only during the overlapping of the first two waves?

There really is no "new wave" - just a superposition of the existing wave. Any such superposition is temporary.

What do the Pittsburgh Steelers fans wave during every game?

They wave the Terrible Towel.

What happened to japan during the big wave came?

Japan was washed over by the wave.

What is an example for a wave interaction?

In science we are doing a packet and one of the questions is:What type of wave interaction is described? Explain

How do rock particles move during the passage of a P wave through the wave?

back and forth parallel to the direction of wave travel

What happens to the snowman during a heatwave?

what happened to the snowmen during the heat wave

Can a heat wave be snow and heat?

No. A heat wave is a prolonged spell of extremely hot weather. There would be no snow. Rain is not usual during a heat wave either.

Type of wave you'd find in the summer?

A type of wave you'd find during the summer

What is the first shock wave of an earthquake?

The P-wave is the first shockwave (more correctly termed seismic wave) to arrive during an earthquake.

How do rock particles move during the passage of a P wave through rock?

A P wave is a type of seismic wave that is caused by an earthquake. P waves are the first seismic waves felt during an earthquake. When the P wave moves, rock particles move back and forth along the direction of the P wave.

Compression happens during which part of the sound wave?

it happens during the trough

Which team won the 2013 hockey india league held for the first time in india?

The Ranchi Rhinos won the 2013 Hockey India League against the Delhi Wave Riders with a score of 2-1.

Is junior hockey hurting prep school hockey?

junior hockey is the wave of the future. more premier players are moving away from prep and high school hockey because they dont have to deal with the politics associated with high school hockey. one example: a senior game. often, seniors are not the best players ona team but they get to play because it is their last game. juniors hockey eliminates age brackets and separates players the way they should be separated: by skill level.

What is wave particle duality?

The theory that light acts as a particle and a wave. During Huygen's double slit experiment, it is proven that It acts as a wave, however wave properties do not explain dispersion or reflection.

What happens during the QRS wave?

There are a number of things that may happen during the QRS wave. There will be ventricular depolarization and right after absolute refractory period for ventricles will occur.