Are there any spectators in rugby?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: Are there any spectators in rugby?
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How many spectators are allowed in a rugby match?

as many as the ground may legally hold

In what year did 104000 spectators attend a rugby international at Murrayfield between Scotland and Wales?


How many rugby league fans are there and how many people participate in rugby league both in the UK?

in my predictions, i reckon there will be at least 2 million rugby league supporters in the UK because around 60,000 spectators attend the Carneigie Challenge Cup Final each year and that's only for two teams.i support hull fc (: x

When was Spectators created?

Spectators was created in 1999.

What is the root prefix and suffix of spectators?


What energy is mainly used in rugby?

you dont use any energy in rugby

Is there any rugby games for playstation 3?

no Yes, HB Studios are releasing a rugby game in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, called Rugby 2012.

What is the largest rugby crowd ever in south Africa?

The original Ellis Park played host to the largest ever crowd at a rugby game in South Africa in 1955, when 100 000 spectators saw the Springboks go down 23-22 to the British Lions. This held the record for largest rugby union crowd for roughly 40 years until the 1990's

Does a rugby union video referee need any qualifications?

Yes, a rugby union video referee is a qualified Rugby Union Referee.

Is there any free online rugby multiplayer game or mmo?

yes there is its called rugby mania

Are there any spectataors in the game of rugby?


What days are rugby played?

Rugby can and is played on any of the 7 days. However, the greater volume is a Saturday