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Q: Are there any signals that an official uses in rounders?
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Is there any radiation from a game controller?

Pfft. No. It uses Radio Signals. Not Radiation.. Radiation is from the Sun and Microwave Signals. :)

How many rounders players can be on a pitch at any one time?

i'm sure it is 4 rounders

Who determine the official languague of an international soccer tournament?

There is no expectation of any official language for international matches. Referees are able to communicate required information using the whistle, standardized hand and flag signals, and yellow and red cards. The Laws of the Game, the document that governs soccer worldwide, uses English as its official language, but that does not mean that it's the official language of soccer or of any particular match.

Are there any breaks in rounders games?

yes you must beat it

What is field change in rounders?

you can remove a person from the 3rd base and 1st base and then onto another field.You do not need to have a person on first or third base as this does not cause any rounders

What time of year do you play rounders?

Usually in the summer or any other time you play baseball or softball.

What technology uses a receiver?

Any kind of communication technology uses a receiver, for example a mobile phone uses a radio receiver to pick up signals from the cell tower, and in the same way the cell tower requires a receiver to take signals back from the phone. Broadcast technology most often uses receivers on their own, for example a terrestrial television receiver is build into most TVs and satellite receivers in Sky TV boxes. FM, DAB and all other kinds of radios also use receivers.

Are there any uses of nuclear energy?

Are there any uses of Nuclear Energy? Are there any uses of Nuclear Energy?

Where is the baseball invented?

Baseball was derived from any of a number of English schoolyard games (rounders, cricket, etc.), and it is unknown when where or how baseball was invented.

What is composite-signals?

92 times any number

Did they have any radio signals in 1963?

yes. yes they did.

How do you stop the ball mgoing through your legs in rounders?

to prevent a rounders ball rowling through your legs, squat down so one knee is up and the other down so you are in a position to get up and run a bit in any direction. Then when the ball rolls to you cup your hands and collect it,