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Yes, the Idaho Potatoes

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Q: Are there any professional sports teams that play in Idaho?
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What professional sports teams play at the staples center?

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers.

How do you define a professional sports team?

A professional sports team is a sports team functioning as a commercial enterprise in which players are paid to play for the entertainment of a paying audience. The offices of professional sports teams are usually in their home arenas or stadiums or in a separate building.

What is the two professional sports that play in Atlanta?

There are actually four professional sports teams that play in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team The Atlanta Thrashers are a professional hockey team The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team

Should sports teams be chosen on quota or merit?

Sports teams should, and usually are, chosen by merit. The goal of professional sports teams is to pick a solid, winning team, so that they can sell season tickets. Sports, after all, is a business. Teams are chosen based on ability and the positions they play.

What type of sports do Barbados people play?

People from Barbados play all the normal sports everyone else play. In terms of professional teams there wont be many because its a small island.

How many professional dodgeball teams play in the US?

There are zero professional teams in America.

What professional sports teams play for the city of evansville indiana?

Evansville Iceman, Evansville Otters, Evansville Crimson Giants

What is a professional sports team in Poland?

They play alot of professional volleyball. Polish, both women and men team, are one of the top teams in volleyball in the world.

Why cant women play professional softball?

i think it is dumb that they do not have professional softball teams... they have professional baseball teams!!!

Can a girl play soccer too?

Yes! Girls can play just about any sports guys can play. (Football is a little different- there are no professional girls football teams).

What are the social and economic benefits of professional sport teams?

Sports help kids be fit and stay fit.Sports also help children play sports and not be out on the street.Those are the benefits of afterschool sports.

What sport do the Idaho Vandals play?

The Idaho Vandals are the athletic teams of the University of Idaho. The men's and women's sports both consist of basketball, cross country, golf, tennis and track & field (outdoor and indoor). In addition, the men have a football team and the women have soccer, volleyball, and swimming & diving teams.

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