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Q: Are there any professional football players that were born premature?
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What famous football players were born in Florida?

you are dum the best football players are frorm southcailoina gamecocks

Are there any Liverpool born football players who started his professional carreer outside Merseyside?

Peter Withe, Ricky Lambert, David Nugent to name three

Are any football players born on April?

hell no

What famous football players were born in new york?


Are there any professional football players who were born under the zodiac sign taraus?

ladanian thomas, dante culpepper,steve smith, juleus peppers, and chad (ocho-cinco) Johnson

What is Johan Cruyff most known for?

Johan Cruyff is a former professional soccer player who was born in Amsterdam. Recently, he was the manager of the Catalonia national football team. He is known for being one of the best players to ever participate in the national football league.

Football players born in Liverpool?

steven Gerrard and Jamie carragher

What French football players are not actually born in France?

the french fries!

How many College Football players were born in the State of Wyoming?

It must be in the 1000s

What Italian football players were born in January?

Gennaro Gattuso 9th janury 1978

Are you going to be short if you are born premature?

Children who are born premature usually catch up so no.

What do you call a baby when its born early?

The baby is said to be premature.