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No, Kentucky doesn't have a professional sports team.

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Q: Are there any pro sports teams in KY?
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Are they're any UFC fighters from KY?

Junie Browning is from Lexington, KY.

How many teams have won a NIT and NCAA basketball championship?

Ky unc ucla Kansas

What channel does the FIFA World Cup come on in Lexington KY?

it comes on sky sports

What US presidents from KY?

Abraham Lincoln was born in KY and the only one with any Kentucky ties.

What city starts with H in Kentucky?

Cities in Kentucky that begin with the letter "H". Hadley, KY Hagerhill, KY Haldeman, KY Halfway, KY Hallie, KY Hamlin, KY Hampton, KY Hanson, KY Happy, KY Hardburly, KY Hardin, KY Hardinsburg, KY Hardy, KY Hardyville, KY Harlan, KY Harned, KY Harold, KY Harrods Creek, KY Harrodsburg, KY Hartford, KY Hawesville, KY Hazard, KY Hazel, KY Hazel Green, KY Hebron, KY Heidelberg, KY Heidrick, KY Hellier, KY Helton, KY Henderson, KY Herndon, KY Hestand, KY Hi Hat, KY Hickman, KY Hickory, KY Hillsboro, KY Hima, KY Hindman, KY Hinkle, KY Hiseville, KY Hitchins, KY Hodgenville, KY Holland, KY Holmes Mill, KY Hope, KY Hopkinsville, KY Horse Branch, KY Horse Cave, KY Hoskinston, KY Huddy, KY Hudson, KY Hueysville, KY Hulen, KY Huntsville, KY Hustonville, KY Hyden, KY

Are there any gyms in lexington Ky for parkour?

As of now no.

Where was Kyle Ky located in Ky?


What is geographic center of NCAA B-Ball tournament?

Carrollton, KY is actually the geographic center of of the Sweet 16 teams in the NCAA tournament.

Are there any plans to build a Golden Corral in Owensboro KY?

that is what i heard

What is the drinking age in Ky.?

yes you can drink at any age in

What is the drinking age in KY?

yes you can drink at any age in

Was Adolph Rupp a cause or a victim of racism?

Neither. Rupp was definitely not a racist. Ky was playing all comers, when other southern schools refused to play teams with black players. He recruited over 15 black players at that time but was unable to convince them to come to Ky. He finally signed Tom Payne in 1969 and was one of the early SEC teams to do so.

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