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Q: Are there any odyssey golf putters that has 400 or more grams?
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Where is the golf company See More Putters based?

See More Putters, the golf company, has many locations worldwide. It is an international company. Check their website and enter a zip code to find the closest location.

What products are available at Medicus Golf?

"Some products they sell are putters, visors, sunglasses, Nike shirts, golf bags and much more."

Can you carry two of the same golf clubs in your bag?

Yes. As long as you don't have more than 14 total

What is the mass of a callway golf ball?

A golf ball must weigh no more than 45.9 grams.

Where can one find more information about The Odyssey 2 Ball Putter?

More information about the Odyssey 2-Ball brand putter can be found on the official Odyssey website. Alternatively, you can also learn more by visiting your local sporting goods store or golf pro shop.

How much does a golf ball weigh in kilograms?

Kilograms is not a useful unit to measure a golf ball. A golf ball must weigh no more than 45.9 grams.

How much do golf balls weigh?

For a golf ball to be a conforming golf ball, according to the R & A and USGA rules, it must weigh no more than 45.93 grams. To a certain extent, the heavier a ball is, the further it will go, so most golf balls are made to the legal limit.

How many mass does a golf ball have?

No more than 1.62 oz (45.93 grams)

How many ounces does a golf ball weigh?

A golf ball weighs no more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams)

Does a golf ball weigh more than a tennis ball?

The International Tennis Federation requires a tennis ball to weigh between 56 and 59.4 grams. Under the rules of Golf, a golf ball must weigh no more than 45.93 grams. So no, a golf ball does not weigh more than a tennis ball.

The average length of a golf club?

It depends on the club. Drivers are the longest clubs - most of them have shafts of around 45". A 3 iron will have a longer shaft than a 4 iron; the clubs get sequentially shorter as the numbers get higher. Putters are the shortest clubs in general, with the exception of belly and long putters. If you are referring to the average length of the golf clubs in a set, take out your 5 iron and measure that.

How deep are the dimples on a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs no more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams), has a diameter not less than 1.680 in (42.67 mm)