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Sam Bradford for 1...

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Q: Are there any native American pro football players?
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Are their any greek American football players?

OT Tony Pashos is Greek.

Are there any native NHL players?

Native to what/where?

Are there any native americans in the American football leagues?

jane ashcraft rocks a lot.

Why are American high school football players referred to as jocks?

The term "jocks" is thought to be derived from the personal protective equipment called the "jockstrap", which is worn by American Football Players. The term can be applied to any athletically-inclined male.

How any football players died playing football?

Yes. There has been players that have had heart attacks in a match.

Are there any football players that did steroids?


Is there any football players with the name jervey in it?

No that that there is

What age do football players retire?

any age

Is there any foreign players in college football?


Are any football players born on April?

hell no

Are there any professional football players from Wisconsin?


What is the current status of American football?

American football is more successful than it ever has been. Teams are building new stadiums, football jerseys sell like hotcakes, and players make more than just about any other sport.

Are there any Native American tribes in Ireland?

No, by definition Native American is American (Canada, US etc).

Are there any football players from Washington and Jefferson who played in the NFL?

Are the any NFL players from Washington and Jefferson college

Does Peyton Manning have any tattoos?

No, he does not have any tattoos. Him and a few other football players do not have any. There are so many football players who do. Peyton is a family man and really has a wholesome image.

Which team sports have 11 players per side on the field?

The following Sports have 11 players on the field of play at any one time.Field HockeyFootball (Soccer)Football (American)CricketBandy

Are there any football players names beginning with o?


Are there any Seventh day Adventist professional football players?

No, there are not.

ARe there any NFL football players named Xavier?

yes there is

Does the chargers have any Mexican football players?

Louis Vasquez

Are there any Puerto Rican football players in Europe?


Can someone name any good football players?

yes there can

Are there any professional football players that were born premature?


What is the Native American translation of Leprechauns?

Leprechauns are part of Irish mythology and have never featured in any native American culture. There is therefore no word for leprechaun in any native American language.

Are there any Baltimore Ravens football team players who are from Maryland?

On the current player roster (2013), only Wide Receiver LaQuan Williams is a Maryland (Baltimore) native.