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Q: Are there any games like cricket?
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Are there any cricket management games?

International Cricket Captain and Cricket Coach

Any cricket games on ps3?

International Cricket 2010

Which games are not played in bad weather?

games like cricket and tennis.

I am a cricket fan do you have free downloadable PC cricket games?

That's not the kind of service wikianswers provides! There are few, if any, freeware cricket games - it is rather specialised.

Are there cricket games on wii?

as far as i know they dont have any yet.

Is there any cricket game coming out for the xbox 360?

Games like International Cricket 2010 Review Jun 18 2010 were released in Europe according to Gamespot who rated the game mediocre and 5.5

Is there any cricket games on DS?

No, but who cares! There's for the PC ;D

Where can one download cricket games online?

There are many places where one can download cricket games online. Information about where to get which cricket game can be found on the website cricket-games dot net.

Where can one go to watch Cricket games?

There are many places where one can go to watch Cricket games. One can watch Cricket games at popular places such as the Bojangles Coliseum and the Cricket Arena.

When will icc cricket world cup 2011 game ps3 come out?

I only see it available for the iPhone from back on November 2010 and do not see any cricket world cup ps3 games There are Ashes Cricket 2009 and International Cricket 2010 (EUR release only both games) for the PS3

Which Commonwealth Games was cricket included as a sport?

Cricket was included as a Commonwealth Games sport in 1998.

What games do children play in India?

cricket, i do not know any others!!! cool reserch yourself!!!

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