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Q: Are there any famous wrestlers with Autism?
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Do any WWE wrestlers have the virus autism?

Autism is NOT a virus, it's a neurone disorder. No, no WWE wrestlers have Autism.

Do any famous people have autism?

Yes, there are lots of famous autistic people with autism. Some include Travis Meeks, Courtney Love, Daryl Hanna, etc.

What are some famous people with autism?


Which famous individual had autism?

Albert Einstein

What actor has autism?

There are many actors and other famous people who have autism. One of the most famous actors who are autistic would be Daryl Hannah.

What did the Rock do to become famous?

the rock became famous by wrestling other wrestlers

Who is likely to get autism?

Any one can get autism, I think that it is something you are born with.

What sport are Undertaker and Kane famous for?

The Undertaker and Kane are famous for being professional wrestlers.

Can people with autism be in charge of money?

Of course they can. Children with Autism can reach whatever career they choose. Temple Grandin is a very famous person with Autism, and she has written many great books about Autism.

Are there any physical disabilities in autism?

Autism itself does not cause any physical disabilities. It can be accompanied by other conditions that may, of course, but not caused by the autism itself.

Do any ww wrestlers ooVoo?

my answer is no

What famous women had autism?

There are likely been many famous women who have autism, most of whom may not have been public about their autism or may not have been aware they were autistic. Three of the most famous autistic women include Temple Grandin, Courtney Love, and Daryl Hannah.

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