Are there any eggs in the ocean?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Are there any eggs in the ocean?
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Do you have to squeeze certain fish to give birth to the eggs?

No. You don't have to squeeze any fish. The pregnant fish will find a deep hole in the floor of the ocean. There, she will lay her eggs with no squeezing from humans.

Does every ecosystem have to have an egg?

yes every ecosystem have eggs the animals have to lay eggs estuaries ocean desert lake ocean every one

What animal lays the 300 million eggs?

mola mola, or ocean sunfish, (that is what an advertisement for Helio's new cell phone said)

Why do turtle lay lots of eggs?

because they want to have alot of babies for back up just in case any die on the way to the ocean

How big are ocean crab eggs?

500 m.

Star Ocean how do you get insect eggs?

Insect eggs can usually be found anywhere. But reimi's harvesting can get them a lot.

Where do hermit crab eggs hatch?

Hermit crab eggs are fertilized by the ocean and then washed up by the waves.

Do hermit crabs go through live birth or eggs?

Hermit crabs lay eggs in the ocean.

Do swordfish lay eggs?

They lay thousands of eggs, but only a few will survive. The eggs are common food for other predators in the ocean.

How do you stop ocean acidification?

crack open lots of eggs and throw them in the ocean. OR the more blood in the ocean, the less acidic it is :) youre welcome

Do sea turtles only live in the ocean?

Yes they only live in the ocean, they only come to land when they lay eggsANS2:No, they also die in the ocean...If you mean "do they live only in the ocean" that would be difficult to answer with a yes or no. The eggs are laid on land, and the adult females return to land to lay eggs. They live most of their lives in the ocean but they do not live only in the ocean.

Why sea turtle lays eggs on seashore?

because when the eggs hatch they dont dround and after they hatch they swim to mothers in the ocean