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Yes, as of 2009, there are a few known elitist Golf organizations which forbid even the most revered African-American businessman from brandishing a golf club within their jurisdictions.

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Bethpage Black does not allow golf carts. The other Bethpage courses do.

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Q: Are there any US golf courses that don't allow golf carts?
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No. Mini golf courses do not have golf carts because they are small enough to walk around at. Also, all you are carrying is a putter so there is no need for a cart to carry all your clubs!

Are golf carts allowed on European golf courses?

I would advise that you check with the course you are going to play at, before you arrive. But generally they are. Golf carts are more popular in Europe than they are in the UK because the courses are a lot longer and the weather is a lot warmer.

Are golf courses in California allowed to have gas golf carts?

yes, but you must have one per person. Two people are not allowed in a cart

How fast do golf carts go?

The average golf cart that you'll find on golf courses hit top speeds of about 20 miles per hour. However, there are some custom carts that have topped 150 mph.15 to 20 mph

Which golf courses in Hamilton Ontario allow you to book a tee time online?

Many golf courses in Hamilton, Ontario allow one to book a tee time online. Some examples of these golf courses include King's Forest Civic Golf and Glendale Golf & Country Club.



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Who made pargo golf carts?

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Are golf carts legal to drive in Florida?

Yes. They mostly are used for golf (no pun intended!) but a neibor down our street have a golf cart. Dont see why it would be though. A lot of old people live here, plus old people golf, plus they are frail golf carts

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Yes it does.