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Q: Are there any Puerto Rican football players in Europe?
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How many Puerto Rican football players are there?


Who are the 7 puerto ricans to play American football?

There are 8 players of Puerto Rican descent to play in the American "National Football League" (NFL) None were actually born on the Island. Ron Rivera - First Puerto Rican to play in the NFL Marco Rivera - First Puerto Rican to play in the pro-bowl (American Football's all star game) Glenn Martinez Ken Amato Alvin Pearman Aaron Hernandez Victor Cruz Otis J. (O.J.) Santiago

How many Puerto Rican in hall of fame?

2 Puerto Rican players are in the hall of fame...Orlando Cepeda and of course the GREAT Roberto Clemente.

How many Puerto Rican players in the nfl?

willi colon...Pittsburg steelers

How many Puerto Rican NFL players?

2 Puerto Ricans are in the NBA at the current time, Carlos Arroyo of Orlando Magic and Jose Juan Barea of Dallas Mavericks.

What is the puerto rican flower?

The Puerto Rican flower is the Puerto Rican Hibiscus. Go figure!

What is an Afro-Puerto Rican?

It is a black Puerto Rican.

What race is the Puerto Rican nationality considered?

Puerto Rican

Which Puerto Rico's players played professional baseball?

Roberto Clemente and Orlando Cepeda are the shining stars of Puerto Rican Baseball.

Puerto Rican's religion in the US?

depends on the puerto rican

Is Miranda a Puerto Rican last name?

I think so, I am Puerto Rican and my fathers name is Miranda, also Puerto Rican.

How many Puerto Rican players are in the NFL?

According to Baseball Almanac, as of the start of the 2007 season 223 former and current MLB players had been born in Puerto Rico. Click on the 'MLB Players born in Puerto Rico' link on this page to see a list of those players.