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jamal mayers. i think.

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Q: Are there any NHL hockey players that are Muslims?
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Are there any hockey players from Norway in the NHL?

No but Pal Grotnes could be.

Are their any Spanish NHL ice hockey players?

yea, Scott Gomez on the rangers

Does Germany have any hockey players in the NHL?

yeah Michael Goc on the San Jose sharks

Are there any NHL hockey players born on march 8th?

No not any I know of but of coarse you could check by yourself to make sure. :) \.! !

Are there any good Australian NHL players?

Not that I've heard. Hockey is rarely played in Australia.

Are there any African American NHL hockey players today?

Yes, there is many of them. Stop being a fcking rascist and enjoy the game

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Are any players in the NHL still playing with wood sticks?

Yes there are still some that use wood hockey sticks. There is actually a whole lot of them that still use one.

Are there any hockey players with one arm?

There aren't any pro hockey players I'm aware of but I think there are several amateur players with one arm. You can find them on youtube

Are there any black hockey players?


Are there currently any NHL players with the same number?


Are there any players in the NHL or the AHL from the south in the US?