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As of the end of the 2007 season, there have been four teams in the NFL that have had undefeated/untied regular seasons: 1934 - Chicago Bears

1942 - Chicago Bears

1972 - Miami Dolphins

2007 - New England Patriots Of those four teams, only the 1972 Dolphins won the NFL championship and completed the season undefeated.

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Q: Are there any NFL teams with perfect season?
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Are there any nfl teams with a perfect season?

There has been a team with a perfect season. The Miami Dolphins had a perfect season with the post season too. If you don't count the post season then the Patriots had too.

Are there any NFL teams that have had no wins in a season?

Detroit lions.

Are there any undefeated NFL teams for the 2010 season?

Chicago bears

Which NFL teams have the most wins?

The Chicago Bears have the most regular season wins (686) and the most total wins (702) of any NFL team.

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Do NFL teams have to trade in their division?

No, each team is free to trade with any of the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Are there any future NFL teams?

No at least not at this time!

Are there any teams in the NFL that are in Wisconsin?

Green bay

Has any nfl team went through a season undefeated?

Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots are the only Nfl teams to go undefeated in the regular season, but the Dolphins are the only team to go undefeated and also win the Superbowl.

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Are there going to be any more NFL teams?

Probably not this year

Is there any NFL teams in Ohio?

Yes, the Cleveland Browns.

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He didn't play on any NFL Football Teams, but he played for Yale University.

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NO state has more then 3 NLF teams ...

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Where might one find a list of all the teams in the NFL?

A list of every NFL team can be found directly on the league website, or by clicking on the NFL tab on any website that has a section dedicated to sports. In season, September-December, most newspapers and sports magazines will have a standings of the teams as well which would list them all.

Do any teams in the NFL hold try outs?

All teams in the NFL hold try-outs. each team conducts a "rookie camp," usually the following weekend after the NFL Draft.

Are there any teams in the NFL that are undefeated in the 2008 season as of November 1 2008?

There is one undefeated team as of November 1, 2008 and that is the Tennessee Titans at 7-0.

Did Any pro football teams go undefeated?

yes the 1972 dolphins went udefeated and won the superbowl that year for the perfect season with their qb bob greise

Did any NHL teams go undefeated for an entire season?


Has any NFL QB beat all 32 teams?

Brett farve

Do any teams outside US play in the NFL?

If they do they don't show them on t.v

Has any NFL coach beat all 32 teams?

Tony Dungy

Who has won most games in the NFL?

which NFL team has won the most games in any season

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yes during inter league play