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No, the schedule is picked in the spring-time for all 16 weeks (and the opening week Thursday game). Traditionally ABC, who televises the games, and the NFL try to pick teams and match-ups they think will be good.

Certain markets are usually on MNF at least once (like NY), even if the teams are not great.

Other teams, like the Cincinnati Bengals, went over 10 years without appearing on MNF because they were lousy.

Unfortunately for ABC and the NFL, the past five or so years have been difficult with the era of parity. Some teams are on MNF that have crummy seasons, while teams like the '04 San Diego Chargers didn't appear at all.

There is a proposal to allow MNF to change its late-season match-ups to give better games (or teams) the exposure.

Currently, the maximum a team can play on MNF is three times in one season.

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Q: Are there any NFL teams banned from hosting Monday night football games?
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