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Q: Are there any NBA basketball players with dyslexia?
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Are there any basketball players with dyslexia?

Magic Johnson

Have there ever been any albanian basketball players in the NBA?

LOL... Are you kidding?! :D

Are there any deaf players in pro basketball?

Lance Allred is the first deaf NBA player.

Any hall of fame NBA players from duke?

i dont think so...duke has never really put out any good quality nba players no duke player has been succcesful in my opininonThere is no Pro Basketball or NBA Hall of Fame. The Basketball Hall of Fame is littered with players you have never heard of who never played in the NBA. Women players, foreign players, college players, all end up in the same hall of fame.

Is there a midget in the NBA?

No. There are shorter players in the NBA. However, in this professional basketball league, any player under 6 feet tall is considered "short".

What are the high points of coaching basketball?

Some include:You can see NBA players every day (NBA)You can get paid highly (NBA, College)You can coach the sports you love (any level)

Is magic Johnson better than Micheal Jordan in basketball?

jordan is better than any body in the nba.He is one of the greatest basketball players in the nba

Is there such a thing as palming in basketball any more?

yes palming does still exist in the nba. superstar players just get away with more than their lesser nba peers.

Are there any dead basketball players?

Yes, there are dead basketball players.

Has any unlv basketball players ever won an nba title?

Yes, last year, Dallas Mavericks. Shawn Marion.

How many basketball players at the least do you need on a team to play an NBA game?

'There must be a minimum of 13 players on a NBA team roster and a maximum of 15. A maximum of 12 players can dress for any one game. The rest must be on the reserve list.

How much education do you need to become a perfectional basketball player?

You do not need any education. Other than basketball knowledge, there is no education required. Thus, some NBA players do not have a college degree.

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