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hull city

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Hull city

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Q: Are there any Football league clubs whose name you cant color in?
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Whose football league ground is located in 2 different countries?


What was the first professional football team in Florida?

The Miami Dolphins whose first season in the American Football League was 1966.

When did the first division turn into the premier league?

Launched in 1888 by the The Football Association as the Football League, the competition gave way in 1992 to the Premier League, whose official name is the Barclays Premier League since 2004.

What is the only football league club whose name begins with 5 constanants?

Crystal Palace.

Whose is Francis Kimanzi?

Kenyan football coach who is current head coach of Kenyan Premier League side Tuscar

Whose idea was it to start the National Football League?

The NFL credits its formation to Jim Thorpe and Leo Lyons who met in 1917.

Which are the only 2 teams in the premiership or football league whose names do not contain the letters a b c d or e?

Fulham and Liverpool

Which are the only two teams in the Premiership or Football League whose names include all of the letters a b c d and e?

Wycombe Wanderers

Whose been sent off the most in football?

Stuart Mckee currently with Real Stanton FC (Hinckley Sunday league) - 42 times

Name the only team of the 92 top English football clubs whose name starts with 5 consonants?

Considering only AEIOU vowels, the team "Crystal Palace" qualifies.However, the letter Y is used as a vowel in "crystal". The names sought might be two second division Welsh teams, "Cwmbran Celtic FC" and "Cwmbran Town AFC", the latter of which was the first winner in the League of Wales competition in 1992. Again, technically, the letter W is actually a vowel in this usage.

Whose occupation can be recognised by their headgears?

Headgears are recognised for a equipment for Rugby players which they wear during the field. Headgears are also used in NHL (Hockey), NFL (National Football League) and MLB (Major League Baseball). All these are use as a protective equipment.

Whose the worst football team?

stoke city