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Q: Are there any Cubans on the Toronto blue jays?
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Is there any reason why the Blue Jays are called what they are?

the blue jays are named the blue jays because the held a draw for the name. The people of Toronto were asked to submit names that they thought the team should be called. The ballot that was selected had the name blue jays on it. that is why the blue jays are named the blue jays A further actual reason.........the original owners of the franchise in Toronto were a beer company called Labatt's, and their most popular brand of beer, at that time was Labatt's BLUE. I think you can see the connection? The blue jay, the real bird, is blue and white in color, and is loud and has a horrible sounding cry, and is prone to stealing anything that is shiny or glitters, such as tin foil, or plastic. So much for making a great choice of mascot, or emblem.

What professional sports teams have birds in their name?

The Falcons, Eagels, and the Cardinals are professional sports teams that is a bird.---In the NFL, there's the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks;The NHL has the Anaheim Ducks and Pittsburgh Penguins (I don't think the Chicago Blackhawks count - aren't they a Native American tribe?);In the NBA there's the Atlanta Hawks;And in MLB there's the St Louis Cardinals.Any more for any more?---- Here's a few more MLB: Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue JaysNBA: Toronto RaptorsNHL: Atlanta Thrashers

Are their any records that were set byt the Toronto Blue Jays?

2 single game records have been set by Toronto Blue Jays players while they played for the club. Former first baseman, now of the New York Mets, Carlos Delgado hit 4 home runs in a game setting the current mark. Also, former shortstop, Alex Gonzalez set a record for most strikeouts in a game with 6.

Do blue jays have any notable ancestors?

it is related to the crow and magpie

Why are blue jays threntend?

They are not in any kind of threat, a very common species.

Can Cubans stay at any hotel in Cuba?

No, they cannot. Cubans are not allowed to stay in any of the big hotels, they are reserved for tourists. Cubans can only stay in hostels, rooming houses, or small motels, if they can afford them.

Are there any Toronto Blue Jay Position player ever pitched?

Buck Martinez

World series blue jays team game used signed broken bat?

If it is a Toronto Blue Jays stock bat, and cannot be attributed to any player it would most likely be worth in the $50. price range or less depending on how badly the bat is broken, and how much game use it shows. Provenance might still be needed either way to get any added value. If the bat can be attributed to a player provenance will be needed. A letter from a fan at the game will not hold much weight if any. The value of the bat will rely on the buyer belief in the story of the bat.

Are there any other colors of jay bird?

The Canada jay is gray and white, the blue jay is blue and gray and white, the Stellar's jay is similar to the blue jay but has a blackish head, scrub jays are blue and gray.

How do blue jay?

Blue Jays flap their wings up and down like any other bird when they flap their wings the force is making the bird have thrust and lift in the same time casing blue jay's or any type of bird to fly

Do blue jays eat snakes?

Yes blue rays eat snacks. Any kind of bird like snacks and reptiles. Snacks are a kind of reptile it will eat it. Definitely.

Do blue jays eat baby chickens?

Well, if you look it up real simple on google or something like that it will tell you that blue jays eat baby birds. And a chicken is a bird. So, ya, I would say blue jays eat baby chickens