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joshua ko playing for pittsburgh. he's like deep on the bench though

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Q: Are there any Asian Americans playing division 1 basketball?
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Who is the first Asian to play basketball?

Yao Ming. He is currently playing for the Houston Rockets.

When was West Asian Basketball League created?

West Asian Basketball League was created in 1998.

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mahram (Iran) is winner of three years in Asian basketball games

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The question is ambiguous, Are you interested in what percentage of Asians are Americans, or what percentage of Americans are of Asian origin?

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What language do Asian Americans speak?

There are so many different Asian Americans. Which ones are you talking about?

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Japanese Americans

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There are currently no Asian senators.

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The abbreviation for "Asian," is abbreviated, "AZN." Asian is written AZN by Asian-Americans claiming Asian pride.

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the first Asian basketball player was alejandra Luna

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National Council of Asian Pacific Americans was created in 1997.

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actually it's American

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Pei-te Lien has written: 'The Political Participation of Asian Americans' 'The politics of Asian Americans' -- subject(s): Asian Americans, Ethnic identity, Politics and government, Statistics 'The political participation of Asian Americans in the early 1990s' -- subject(s): Accessible book

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Ping-pong, soccer, baseball, and basketball are popular in Asian countries.

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Kobe Bryant

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kind of.

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Asian Americans put their land in their children's names

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Basketball originated in Springfield, Massachusetts, making it an American sport

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Basketball, football(soccer), ping pong ...