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Arthur Ashe was african, but he doesn't play anymore

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Q: Are there any African tennis players?
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Are there any tennis players biracial or African American males?

Yes one biracial African-american tennis player is James Blake who is half white half black. A plain African-American tennis male is Donald Young.

Are there any Australian tennis players?

Yes there are lots of Australian Tennis Players.

Are there any Ecuador tennis players?


List female African American tennis players ranked?

A list of female African American tennis players that are ranked will most likely include the Williams Sisters, Venus and Serena. Throughout history, other ranked female tennis players that are African American have included Althea Gibson, Ora Washington and Zina Garrison.

Are there any bangladeshi tennis players?


Who is an African American female tennis player?

Some African-american female tennis players are Venus & Serena Williams, Angela Haynes and Jamea Jackson.

Are any of Rod Laver kids professional tennis players?


Are there any male professional tennis players who are rumoured to be Gay?

No professional male tennis player has ever publicly come out of the closet. Not that there haven't been gay male tennis players.

How are tennis players paid?

Tennis players are paid in much the same way as any athlete. They can be paid weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly as they choose.

How do tennis players get tennis elbow?

Any tennis player can get tennis elbow depending on how you hold your racquet, your follow through and how much spin you produce.

Does water-skiing hurt tennis players?

There is not any evidence to show this

What is a deuce in tennis?

if the players are on a tie at any number that is called deuce

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