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Yes, Bill Lester raced in the Truck Series.

There is also Derek Strong, former NBA player for L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers and Orlando Magic, among others. Derek Strong is the only NBA player to successfully transition into stock car racing as a driver. He is part owner of his team, Strong Racing.

Don't forget Marc Davis who drives Nationwide races.

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Q: Are there any African American Nascar drivers?
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Are there any Chinese NASCAR drivers?

There are no Chinese drivers currently in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

How many current NASCAR drivers are black?

Currently, there are no black drivers in any of the top three Nascar racing series.

Are there any Japanese NASCAR drivers?

Yes, Akinori Ogata races in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series in the Charlotte NC area. He has a website at if you wish to learn more about him.

Are there any Nascar drivers that are gay or bisexual?

Currently, no Nascar driver has openly admitted to being gay or bisexual.

Are there any NASCAR drivers from Georgia?

Yes. Bill Elliott is one.

Which NASCAR driver in the seventies had zero wins?

Like any other decade, there are many Nascar drivers who have not won a race in their career.

What companies do NASCAR drivers work for?

The drivers job is to compete in a series for the main organization, which is Nascar. The company is owned by the France family. Brian France is the CEO and Chairman of Nascar. Each driver has a team owner, who is the boss of the team. Just like in any other job, the drivers have an employer/employee relationship.

Were there any black NASCAR drivers?

Yes, Bill Lester. There are also some coming through development currently. The first African American driver was Wendell Scott in the 1960's. Richard Pryor made a movie about his life called "Greased Lightning". It's worth watching if you ever get the chance.

Do any NASCAR drivers have tinnitus?


Are there any Puerto Rican Nascar drivers?

There are 2 , Bryan Ortiz and Victor Gonzalez

Does the nascar driver if is not in the chase get to race any way?

For the last ten races of the season the drivers in the Chase are the only ones to compete for the Cup, but all the drivers that normally run in NASCAR races are eligible to compete...and in 2014, non-Chase drivers won Chase races.

How many nascar drivers from the sprint cup series are from California?

California is considered the "Golden State" for Nascar Drivers. California boasts more winners in the past two decades in the Sprint Cup series than any other state. There are nine drivers from California who have won this event.

Which NASCAR drivers smoke?

Not many any more, but Brad Keselowski ,AJ Allmendinger, and Josh Wise did.

Which NASCAR drivers smoke cigarettes?

Not many any more, but Brad Keselowski ,AJ Allmendinger, and Josh Wise did.

Are there any black female NASCAR racers?

No. The female drivers currently in Nascar include Danica Patrick, who drives a part time schedule in the Nationwide Series. Also Chrissy Wallace, daughter of Nascar driver Mike Wallace, drove several races in the Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series. Both female drivers are white.

What are the education levels of some of the NASCAR drivers?

Some don't have any and some have a lot of education. Nascar driver Ryan Newman earned a B.S. in engineering, after graduating from Purdue University.

Does a nascar owner get percentage of drivers winnings?

Yes, but the amount the owner gets depends on the driver and the race - because all NASCAR teams are owned by different people, there's no standard deal for any of them.

Can a African-American be a cartoonist?

An African-American is no different than any other race and can pursue any field he/she wishes.

Is there any other current driver as good as Jimmie Johnson is right now?

No, not statistically. However, drivers do great things in every race, so there are a lot of good drivers in NASCAR.

Can you be black and American?

Yeah, it's normally called African-American. But even if not African-American, you can be of any skin complexion and be an American.

Are there any women drivers currently in Nascar?

As of 2010 Danica Patrick is in the Nationwide Series. But she is the first since 2002. Which was Shawna Robinson.

What jobs in sport require PPE?

any football player, a baseball catcher, hockey goalie, soccer goalie and nascar drivers

Are all albino kids African American?

While there ARE African-American albinos, they could be of ANY race.

How much does a NASCAR driver get paid?

Driver salaries are secret and is between them and the car owner. Drivers also get money for endorsement's. I don't know if the owner gets any of that money or not. Sponsors pay an average of twenty million dollars to put their name on a car. This goes to the owner to run the team. Don't forget that Nascar fans are very brand loyal, and Nascar, owners and drivers get a piece of total endorsement sales. This explains why a Nascar sweatshirt can cost 65 dollars.

Is skia Jackson African American?

yes she is. any black person is African or African American is because our ancestors came from Africa (if your African American) during slavery and if they had kids it would go down in history