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Yes there is. You can be on the USA team that goes to the Olympics every 4 years. Or you can be on a team from a certain region.

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Q: Are there Professional Teams or Leagues for Softball?
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Why cant women play professional softball?

i think it is dumb that they do not have professional softball teams... they have professional baseball teams!!!

What is the oldest you can be to play softball?

There are many leagues that at co-ed slowpitch softball. These leagues are designed so that many different ages of people can play. I know people in their fifties on these teams.

Are there professional teams or leagues?


Is softball professionally played?

Yes, if you consider Olympic teams to be professional.

Are there major leagues in softball?

there is pro softball!

How many soccer teams are there in Russia?

There are 111 soccer teams in Russia. They all compete in various leagues such as the Amateur, Premier, National and Professional Football leagues.

How many softball players are professional in the major league?

There are 14 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch Softball League.

How long was softball professional for?

Softball is still professional!!! There is currently a men and womens professional league. the professional womens teams have many Olympians on it such as the famous pitchers monica abott and jenny finch.

How many football teams are there in valencia?

Valencia & Levante are the 2 professional teams. Many in lower leagues plus 'B' Teams

What is an inning in soft ball?

An inning in Baseball or Softball is after both of the teams batted. there are 9 inning in the major leagues

Do any farm teams feed into professional softball?

College. Pro softball team get their players directly from a college draft.

What gender plays softball?

Female, they also have softball leagues for adults. Which is usually co-ed. Both genders play softball although it is more common to see all female or co-ed teams than it is to see all male teams.

What are Virginia's professional sports teams?

A list can be found by clicking on the link below. There are no major professional sports leagues in Virginia.

How many professional baseball teams have changed leagues?

Two teams have switched leagues. The Milwaukee Brewers changed from the AL to the NL in 1998 and the Houston Astros moved to the AL in 2013.

Who formed the NFL?

In 1920 representatives of several professional American football leagues and independent teams

How do professional baseball teams travel?

Major leagues, by plane Minor leagues, Plane or bus, mostly bus in AA, A. Mostly plane in AAA

How many spanish football teams is there?

There are 926 futbol teams in Spain. These teams are comprised of 5 different leagues, La Liga, Segunda, Segunda B, tercera, & Regional's. The number of teams grows to several thousands if you start to factor youth divisions and senior leagues. However, the 5 leagues I listed are really the only ones considered professional leagues as they are paid to play.

How many soccer teams in Utah?

There are many soccer teams that are local leagues, but there is one professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake.

What sport has the most professional teams?

soccer is the sports that has most pro leagues. It even has a World cup.

How many English soccer teams are there?

There are 20 teams in the English Premier League. This is the top division. There are 92 teams in all divisions of the English Professional football leagues.

What teams are playing in the Rugby Union 2017?

There are hundreds literally. These are broken down in to countries, genders, leagues professional leagues armature, University, School, etc

How many teams are in fastpitch softball?

10 teams are in fast pitch softball.

How is soccer played in Mexico different from the US?

It's almost the same: both countries have professional and minor soccer leagues with 20+ professional teams.

How do you locate a sponsor for a new softball league?

Talk to your local sporting goods companies. Sometimes they'll sponsor leagues or teams to help out in their community. Also, talk to parents of players in your league. Many times parents can have their places of work sponsor teams or leagues.

Can you become a professional softball player?

yes, you can become a professional softball player. the only difference from baseball is that there is only one team (united states), and you play other teams like Japan, Australia etc.