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If they have a US citizen ship yes they do. The thing is if they have that they are no longer considered Canadians

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Q: Are there Canadians on the US Olympic team?
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Yes the US Virgin Islands has an olympic team.

How many people are on the 2012 US Olympic team?

There are 529 athletes on the 2012 US Olympic team. There are 268 women and 261 men.

What was the Size of the 1980 us summer Olympic team?

The 1980 US Summer Olympic team consisted of 479 athletes.

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The Mob?

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Yes, he was on the 2000 US Olympic Basketball Team.

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Canadians like many sports that other countries do. They are big with hockey, and also have an Olympic basketball team, a professional basketball team (Toronto Raptors), many NHL teams, one professional MLB team (Toronto Blue Jays), and have their own football league (CFL- Canadian Football League). Thus, Canadians play many sports.

How many Canadians play for US national hockey team?

1 Paul Stastny.

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no, there was no olympic team in 1980 because president carter ordered a us boycott.

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