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No there are eleven players in a soccer team.

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Q: Are there 8 people on a soccer TEAM?
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Who were United 8?

they are a soccer team

People ae on a soccer team?

Yes, there are almost always people on a soccer team.

Who is number 8 in soccer?

It depends on the team.

How many people are on a men's high school soccer team?

There are eleven players in a mens high school soccer team. Soccer teams usually contain eleven players, unless you are playing 5-a-side soccer or it is a childrens team under 8 years old.

Who is number 8 on the Brazilian soccer team?

As of now (April 12, 2014), Fernadinho of Manchester City is number 8 on the Brazilian Soccer Team.

How many players on a U10 soccer team?


How many players in soccer team inside and out side?

11 people are on a soccer team. I Think

Soccer World Cup Squads?

a soccer squad is a group of people on a soccer team.

Who is number 8 on Italy's soccer team?

Gennaro Gattuso

How many people does it take to have a full soccer team?

a soccer team has 11 players at once on the field. for a good size team would be about 16 to 18 people

What are coaches of soccer?

coaches of soccer are the people who setup the team and then they teach them how to play.

Seven people joined the soccer team the rest joined the softball team there were 20 people that joined either the soccer or softball team how many people joined the softball team?

20-7= 13... 13 people joined the softball team

Is their 15-16 people on a soccer field during a soccer game?

11 people on each team.

People in a soccer team?

There are eleven players on a soccer team.In a full game of soccer for u-13s and older there is 11 people from each team on the field at a time. On the whole team there is usually 15-20 players.

How do you get to be a soccer player?

join a team and people come out to find people what are good for there youth team

How many players on a youth 8-10 soccer team?


How many people are there in a soccer team?

7 players

How many people play on a team in soccer?


How do people qualify to get onto an olympic soccer team?

The team for an Olympic soccer team is picked by the national team coach. However, for the Olympic soccer torunament, there are some rules as to who can and can not play, for example age restrictions.

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

What is offense soccer?

The offense if soccer is the people who are always in the front. These are the people who run the most and are trying to get in the other team's goal.

Who is 8 on the US Women's soccer team?

Ask Google! Type In

How many players get to play at one time on a pro soccer team?


How many people are out on the field for soccer?

11 for each team.

How many people on a soccer team?

Between 15 and 20.