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Q: Are ther any 16 year old celebrities that are boys?
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Is there any celebrity who is 15 years old?

-Justin Bieber -Jake T. Austin -Jansen Panettiere -Moises Arias -Nat Wolf -Caitlyn Beadles and if you type 15 year old celebrities ther are a lot more!

Are there any 12 year old celebrities that are boys?

Most of these boys are 13 now. Some 12-year-olds are Alex Wolff, Field Cate, Nathan Gamble, and Shane & Brent Kinsman. Atticus Shaffer (The Middle) will be 12 June 19. Conner Rayburn (According to Jim) will be 12 4/7/2011.

Are there any black 12 year old boy celebrities?

As of 2011, Jaden Smith.

Is their any one named keisha augustin?

yes ther is a 15 year old girl

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Is there any celebrities with webkinz and hopefully they will give you out ther username deal so you can be bff?

sorry there are no celebertys with webkinz exept "Jamie-lynn spears's " child....maddie and sry but no i dont know her username

Are there any 12 year old celebrities?

12 I'm not sure but Bella Thorne is 13 if it helps

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no ther isn't

Are they any 10 year old actors that are boys?


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ther is none :(

Are there any secret or unknown celebrities?

No. If they were secret or unknown, they wouldn't be celebrities.