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Yes: SS, CB, MLB, OLB, basically anything other then the d linemen

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Q: Are their skilled positions on defense in football?
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Name two positions on defense on football?

Linebackers and safeties

How many positions are needed to play a football game?

11 players on each team offense and defense

What are the positions you pick in fantasy football?

qb rb wr te kicker defense/special teams

How many players are in a football game and what are their positions?

There are 22 players on the field at all time 11 on offense and 11 on defense

What are the names of the different football positions in arena football?

The positions in Arena Football are the same in NFL football

Is there A diagram of offensive football positions?

No there is not a diagram of offensive football positions. There are just the names of the offensive positions!

What positions go on the field for a kickoff in football?

special teams. it is a team chosen by the coach made up of the quikest from defense and offense.

What are the basketball defense positions?

There are no specific defense positions. Depending on where the coach wants you to stand, that is where your position will be. By means of guards and forwards, there are the same positions as on offense.

What does skilled mean?

skilled means you are good at something for example a sport i am skilled at tennis or football!

Which position plays mostly defense in basketball?

All positions play defense. If not all positions played defense, someone would always be open.

How many positions are there in hockey and what are they?

There are 3 positions - Forwards, defense and goaltender.

Is a kicker and offense or defense in football?


What has the author Rex Ryan written?

Rex Ryan has written: 'Coaching football's 46 defense' -- subject(s): Coaching, Football, Defense 'Coaching football's 46 defense' -- subject(s): Coaching, Football, Defense

What are the most important defensive positions in football?

Defensive back and outside linebacker for coverage type deffense. Defensive linemen and safety for rush defense.

Is the safety position in football offense or defense?

it is defense

What are 3 positions on a football team that may receive passes from the quarterback?

fullback, running back and tight/split ends on offense. any player on defense.

What are the football positions for a middle school football?

All of the same as in pro football

What are the soccer positions?

Center middle and defense goalie

How many positions are in a soccer team?

There are 11 positions in a football team

How many positions do you pick for fantasy football?

6 differant positions

What positions in football are receivers?


How many football positions are there?


What are the positions on football teams?

the positions are right, left, and center forward. right, left, and center halfbacks (mid-fielders). right, left, and center fullbacks (defense) and the goalie. the positions can be arranged differently depending in you team. this is just the way (very good way) i play.

Is there A diagram of tackle football positions?

Click on the 'Position Diagram' link on this page to see a diagram of positions in the game of football.

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There are many different jobs available there that cover a wide area of expertise. They range from skilled craftsman, managerial positions to semi-skilled labor positions.