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Answer if wwe is fakeSome are some aren't .It usually takes a keen eye in telling what is what, and a good Wrestling background while you're at it.'fake' matches are like Rated RKO beating Ric Flair in a hindicap for the tag titles because his partner Roddy piper was having cancer. Another example is John Cenav Y2j 'I quit'. It was because Jericho's temporary contract has expired.

A BIG example is armageddon 2003. For next year it will be wrestlemania 20. As such two matches have already been booked : Kane v Undertaker and Goldberg v Brock lesnar. As such, it leaves just one person.Triple H.

However there are great 'real' matches that do happen onece in a blue moon . I recommend chris benoit v Kurt angle (royal rumlbe 2003). Shawn michales v Bret hart (wrestlemania 12) and Kurt v Michaels (Wrestlemania 21)

But if you need the 'true' wrestling fix, i recommend Tna.The may look second grade but there is a reason why ex-WWe employees go there. There are too tensed up with 'following story' or in wrestling its call kayfabe. Look at Christian ,Rhino and Kurt Angle.

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Q: Are the wrestlings at WWE are genuine and real or prearranged or just entertainment?
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