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he can't eat worms all of wwe smackdown or raw is not true they pay them to do it . the worms are not real they just look real

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Q: Are the worms that the Boogyman eats real?
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Are the worms the boogyman eats real?

To tell you the truth, I think they are real. Cause one time I saw them moving.

What is the Boogyman's real name and is he as twisted in real life?

His name is Marty Wright. He was the guy on tough enough (the latest one ) who lied about his age. Also, he really eats worms backstage ANSWER: No he doesn't eat worms backstage geeeez

What is the bogeymans real name?

the boogyman's real name is Marty Wright.

Who is the WWE wrestler bogeyman?

His real name is Marty Wright! (He eats worms!)

Which celebrity eats worms?

Big Bird eats worms. Does he count?

What is the boogymans real name?

Answerwell probably it does not have a name because it is not even real. Probably why kids would say it is in there closet is because they can picture it coming out ANSWER:well it depends on what boogyman, there is the WWE superstar THE BOOGYMAN, whos real name is marti gay, but the other creatures known as the boogyman have no real going 2 m3ss this up for everyone hahahahahahaha

What kind of bird eats worms?

earth worms

Does boogeyman eat worms?

Yes he eats worms but he only eats them while hes in the wwe building.

The wrestleler boogyman has a son little boogyman?


What eats a Marlin?

worms do

What eats salix?


Do Harpy eagles eat worms?

your mother eats worms and you know it