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the phillies finished the 2010 regular season with a better record and better team stats, so yes statistically, yes they are better

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โˆ™ 2010-10-18 00:39:51
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Q: Are the phillies better then the dodgers?
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Who is better Dodgers or Phillies?

dogers If the dodgers are better how come the lost to the phils in the playoffs

Phillies against Dodgers?

Dodgers are doing terrible against the Phillies! It's only because of the Phillies stupid mistakes it's 1-1. The Dodgers lost to the Phillies the first game, but they almost caught up.....kinda. The second game was because of the Phillies suckish throwing to first base. Dodgers need to do better!!!

Who won the 2009 NLCS Phillies vs Dodgers?

The Phillies beat the Dodgers in the 2009 NLCS 4 games to 1.

What is Phillies vs Dodgers 2008 Record?

Phillies 8 wins 5 losses Dodgers 5 wins 8 losses

2009 World Series angels Yankees vs Phillies dodgers?

Yankees and Phillies and Yankees will sweep Phillies 4-0.

Did the Phillies shutout the dodgers in 2009 mlcc?

If you are referring to the 2009 NLCS, then the answer is yes. The Phillies shut out the Dodgers in game 3 of the series, 11-0. The Phillies won the series 4-1.Game one: 8-6 Phillies in Los AngelesGame two: 2-1 Dodgers in Los AngelesGame three: 11-0 Phillies in PhiladelphiaGame four: 5-4 Phillies in PhiladelphiaGame five: 10-4 Phillies in Philadelphia

What is the dodgers all time winning record against the Philadelphia Phillies?

Since 1901, the Dodgers have won 1059 and lost 829 games when playing against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Who has a better Record Angels Or Dodgers?


Was Cy Young on the Yankees?

no.he was on the dodgers phillies red sox

What is the dodgers 2008 win-loss record?

The dodgers 2008 record was 87-75. They were knocked out in the NLCS by the Philadelphia Phillies.

What is the phillies vs dodgers 2008 record?

4-4 August 11th - 14th: Dodgers swept Philadelphia at Los Angeles. August 22nd - 25th: Phillies swept Los Angeles at Philadelphia.

Who is better Phillies or Yankees?

The Phillies !! Yankees are nothing!

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