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Neither, the playable area is the size given when stating pool table size.

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Q: Are the measurements of a pool table the cloth size or the whole table?
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What is the extra bit of cloth for on the end of a pool table?

There should not be extra cloth at the end of a pool table. The table needs repair if there appears to be extra cloth.

What is a slate pool table?

This describes a pool table that has a playing surface of slate, covered by the cloth of coourse.

How do you tell if the pool table is running long or short?

The cloth

How do you clean pool table cloth of shampoo stain?

With thinner

What is a pool table cover?

A pool table cover protects the surface of a pool table from debris, dust, and spills. It is usually made from a reinforced vinyl, so it is waterproof. The table side of the cover is usually of a reinforcing cloth.

How do you clean pool table cloth of beer stain?

Felt Rescue

How to Maintain a Pool Table?

How to Maintain a Pool Table Though every pool player wants to focus on his or her game, he or she must nevertheless learn how to maintain their table. If a pool player expects his or her table to last, they need to take proper care of it. This involves, taking care of the cloth, the leather, and the wood You want to keep your table in good condition, or you may experience complications with your game play. To get the most accurate game play out of your table, keep it tidy and clean at all times. Some easy and helpfully tips to maintain your pool table follow. Step One: The bed cloth needs to be ironed in the direction of the nap, for the first seven times that it has been used. After that, do this once every six months. Your iron should be set on a medium heat and low steam. Alternatively, you could use a damp, lint-free towel to wipe over the cloth. You should only use hot water and do not use any form of detergent. Step Two: Never drink liquids or eat on or near you pool table. Step Three: Keep the pool table out of direct sunlight. This will prevent the fabric from losing its color. Step Four: Never lean or sit on the pool table. Extra weight that is put on the pool table can damage the seams of the cloth or make the table unlevel. Step Five: When brushing the cloth on the table, brush the cloth in the direction of the 'nap'. This is a slightly raised area on the table which is covered by the cloth. Step Six: Use lint rollers to remove dust particles from the cloth of the table. Step Seven: Do not use vacuum cleaner attachments to clean the top of the table. This can cause the cloth on the table to buckle. Step Eight: Clean the rails of the pool table using high quality furniture polish or wax. Step Nine: Every six months, use leather condition oil to clean any leather parts of the pool table. Wipe the pockets of the pool table with the same conditioner. You should perform maintenance procedures on your pool table regularly. If you use your pool table frequently, clean it at least once a month. If you use your pool table irregularly, be sure to clean it 4-6 times a year.

Can you use french felt on a pool table?

Yes. However - The quality of play is very much impacted by the quality of the table and its cloth. Pool table cloth selection is definitely "you get what you pay for". If you install any cloth other than that designed for a pool table, the action of the balls on the table will not be the same, the felt will most likelt not last very long, and in general, you will be very disappointed. Unless you are covering the table and rails yourself rather than having a professional do it, you don't have many options to use cheap fabrics as no professional will install it for you.

How do you clean a pool table?

you use a bbrush and you clean off all the dust on the cloth

What is the other term for the green felt on a pool table?

The woven cloth is referred to as baize.

Can I see a drawing of the marks on a pool table cloth so that I can create my own?

There are no marks on a pool table cloth that need to be reproduced. The only mark on a pool table cloth is the foot spot. You can locate the foot spot by taping 2 long strings to the rails of the table. The first string needs to go the length of the table, from center diamond to center diamond. The second string needs to go at the end the balls will be racked from, from the second diamond from the end to the same one on the opposing side. Wher ethese intersect you place the foot spot.

What is the best pool table cover for the money?

This is subjective. There are few manufacturers of pool table covers to choose from. A good pool table cover is water-proof, preventing any spills from reaching the table surface. For this reason, most pool table covers are of vinyl. The good table covers have cloth backing and are of heavy gauge vinyl. With normal proper handling, these can last a lifetime.

What is the felt like material used for covering pool tables called?

Felt. Technically pool table felt is baize, not felt. Felt is a cloth that is not woven, and pool table felt is woven baize constructed specifically for pool table use. The two most popular brands are Simonis and Granito, and there are a handful more. Each cloth made has properties that will affect the way the balls react and how long the felt will last.

How much does it cost to replace the felt on a pool table?

Replacing pool table felt is very definitely a matter of "you get what you pay for". The price of pool table cloth can range from $90 to $400. The labor price to re-surface and cover the play area and the rails is typically in the $250-$300 range. So, the total price will be $350 to $700 depending upon the size, the quality of the cloth, and the experience of the installer.

What are the measurements on a 7 x 4 pool table?

I would hazard a guess that 7 x 4 refers, precisely, to the measurements. That could hardly be meters, centimeters, or millimeters; it is probably the dimensions of the table in feet.

What are the angles in a pool table?

The only angles on a pool table are the corners and the pocket rail angles. All corners are at 90 degrees. The pocket angles can vary but can be determined by measuring or averaged by use of the pocket measurements allowed on a regulation table.

How big is a pool table in meters?

Pool tables are not measured in meters. Their size is given in feet and all pool table measurements are officially in inches. Converting the inches to meters has no useful purpose as there are no meter rules that can be used for pool table dimensions of fractions of an inch. This conversion only has the purppose of a child's practice in mathematical calculations.

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

6 P on a P T?

6 Pockets on a Pool Table

Does the surface of a billiards table change how fast the ball goes?

Yes. Granito cloth developed specifically for 3 cushion is not legal for 8 Ball because it is so fast. Fast cloth also means it is harder to get cue ball action, so pool felt is developed to get the best of both worlds. Simonis is the most common cloth used in the US for pool tables giving speed and cue ball control, and of course Granito makes cloth that is legal for pool as well. There are a few other manufacturers of pool felt, and each pool felt has different characteristics, so it is chosen not just for speed and cue ball control, but also to last for a long time. Those 3 factors have to be balanced for what you want the most when you choose pool table felt.

Why is a pool table called a pool table?

It is a pocket billiards table, but during the 1920's men would "pool" their money for betting, hence the name pool table came to use. The common term used today is "pool table".

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

What is the surface of pool tables made from?

The surface of a pool table is made from quarried slate, which is blueish gray rock that splits quite naturally into big, flat segments. It is then covered in cloth and surrounded by rubberized cushions.

How old is your pool table?

I do not own a pool table.

How many pockets that a pool table have?

A pool table has 6 pockets